Tenebris: Darkness Arising

    "Oy' mate, this 'ere house is a great buy, beautiful view of the river and woods at the back, they say it's haunted, but I got a team of paranormal fighters to clean the place out, and they saw nothing." the realtor explained in his Irish accent.  "Haunted? I don't do fantasy stories" I chuckled and collected the keys from him. "Ah! You're the man, if you need anything, put a call through" the realtor said and retreated hurriedly.  "Hey mate, who's that wom-" but the realtor had sped off. "weird Irish people". I looked back at the next house across the lawn where a woman sat in a rocker, and thought to go introduce myself as the new neighbor, but when I looked up again, the chair was empty. I went into my new house feeling like a champ without a care in the world. I was expecting to find the home empty and dusty, but was shocked to find it furnished. I put a call through to the realtor.  "Oy' Hullo&q


  Lucy At some point in my life, I was becoming somewhat of a sex addict, and for some strange reason I never lacked hump partners. I wasn't the party type, and I was also the get-into-a-serious-relationship-and-stick-to-one-partner kind of guy, but all the serious relationships I had gotten into ended in tears for me, not because I cheated, but because I always attracted damaged ladies and after a while they would come up with the "You're an amazing guy, I love you, I really do, you're my dream guy, but I have realized I'm not ready for a relationship. It's not you, I'm the one with the fault here" lines. I think I gave up on serious relationships and just focused on flings, considering I was getting steady attention from mature ladies who just wanted to get down without strings attached (even though some just didn't come with strings, but heavy duty chains.) I think I could say I was vast in the matters of sex, and sometimes I winced at the memo

My Dead Girlfriend

  My Dead Girlfriend The deadline to getting my presentation ready for an environmental ‘Plant a Tree’ AD campaign was just a few days away, and I had no idea what to prepare for the presentation – “Perhaps I should sit this one out, and allow others handle it” I thought to myself. “Sifu, you do remember we are counting on you, yeah? deadline’s around the corner and we ain’t heard or seen anything from you” one of my team members said as he walked by my cubicle. “Damn! I couldn’t let my team down” . It was Friday, I told myself that whatever it took, I would come up with something over the weekend. “yeah I got you man” I answered, and continued packing my bag, in anticipation for the next 5 minutes when it would be 5pm and time to head home. When it was time to clock off, I picked my bag and headed to the car park. “hey are you joining us for a drink at the bar down the road? They just added karaoke too” A colleague asked another. “You bet I’m in!” Another colleague answered