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This You? - Your Digital Footprints Matter

If you have been on social media long enough, there’s a possibility that you may have seen this question - “This you?” or a similar phrase to bring people’s attention, including the original poster, to something that was posted earlier that could contradict or implicate the original poster. Twitter is just one of those interesting social media platforms where we see different “This you?” moments play out regularly (Oh! Twitter is a really volatile place, and you don’t want to be ‘this youed’ in bad light, or you will become the feast of the dragons that prowl the different streets of Twitter seeking whom they will devour.) and it’s always like there is someone somewhere actively archiving your posts and waiting for you to slip up so they can serve you with a “this you?” with a screenshot of your post from 1985, but the truth is that no one is really monitoring your tweets and saving screenshots; you left a trail, and the internet archived your data for you, for easy retrieval (uhm! We