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My Dead Girlfriend

  My Dead Girlfriend The deadline to getting my presentation ready for an environmental ‘Plant a Tree’ AD campaign was just a few days away, and I had no idea what to prepare for the presentation – “Perhaps I should sit this one out, and allow others handle it” I thought to myself. “Sifu, you do remember we are counting on you, yeah? deadline’s around the corner and we ain’t heard or seen anything from you” one of my team members said as he walked by my cubicle. “Damn! I couldn’t let my team down” . It was Friday, I told myself that whatever it took, I would come up with something over the weekend. “yeah I got you man” I answered, and continued packing my bag, in anticipation for the next 5 minutes when it would be 5pm and time to head home. When it was time to clock off, I picked my bag and headed to the car park. “hey are you joining us for a drink at the bar down the road? They just added karaoke too” A colleague asked another. “You bet I’m in!” Another colleague answered

The Shared Secret

The Shared Secret By Bonnie Lauretta was nervous, they had been friends for about 6 months and even though he knew everything about her, he hadn’t seen this one thing. He had assured her that he could handle it. He told her to trust him and have faith. Lauretta had met Julian at a mutual friend’s party and since they both only knew the host at the party, it’s safe to say they bonded over their shared circumstance. That night, they had laughed and danced and he even offered to drop her off at home. Even though she was skeptical, she had given him the benefit of the doubt and she was glad she did. He had been a complete gentleman, driving her home, walking her to her gate and waiting there until he heard her lock up before leaving. She had never experienced such a level of chivalry among the men she had dated and even the ones she was friends with. The most anyone had done was wait in their car until she got into her gate before zooming off. Julian was different and that stuck. I

Imperfectly Perfect Flaws

Imperfectly Perfect Flaws I sat in my office, and kept staring at the time. It felt like time had suddenly taken several steps backwards “wasn’t it five minutes more to clock off, like 10 minutes ago?” I asked myself. A quick check through my backpack to make sure I was not leaving anything behind, made me realize I had forgotten my laptop charger, I picked it up and made to leave the office “from here to the biometric scanner plus clocking out will take the 2 minutes left, and then I’ll be able to shout thank God it’s Friday – cheers to the freaking weekend”. Just as I opened the door of my office to step out, I met Madam HR at the door trying to come in. “One and only Madam HR!” I greeted. “Please Wale, don’t tell me you’re leaving” She answered “Happy Weekend Ma!” I said and stepped out of the office. “But you’re still on duty” She said, and I stopped in my tracks and turned to face her, while also looking at the illuminated clock down the corridor. “34, 35, 36…” I counte

The Tale of Jack and Mimi

Crime had increased in the city, corruption was the order of the day, lawlessness was on the high, and no one wanted to be held accountable. It was safe to say humans rather than evolve to higher beings with amazing abilities, were only concerned about creating and implementing things that would lead to the gradual annihilation of the human race, but there was one person who was not bothered; he only lived for the moment, his name: Jack.   “I just cooked this up yo! I call it the strawberry mint express” Jack said as he rolled a joint. “Yo Blaad! That las’ joint ya done did tha’ las time we was up in here was tha’ shiznit man, I don see them po-po onna tha’ highway, and parked behind ‘em, I step out and be like, yo’ gentlemen good jab, good jab, don’t be shooting no niggas like me ‘cause me black” Jones said. “You did what? Damn dude! That was from a movie, you was so high, you slept on that frigging couch for 2 whole long days man. Ode!” Bolu said. “Blad clat! You mean t