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The Black Race (Poetry) By @NUGGYD3RD

The Black Race: A Black Race Running To The White Line THE BLACK RACE "They gave up our freedom for mirrors Our existence been reflections of the image they try to portray We were lost shadows Looking for the sun Still yet to decide what is right from what is wrong Compromise the truth with shots of vodka and mix it with religion A confused race trying to live off some idioms Yet to see the difference between culture and civilization Wanting a colored life but living off the basics of a Zebra line Pick a Bible from the preacher’s desk and turn it to a book Pick a canvas up and turn it to a stool Pick a dream; throw it in the air and its gone poooff!!! Ask me 99 questions; one answer would not be close to the truth Fight for freedom but still build a cage Throw away the maps and ask for directions Call a man mad but depend on him for survival This is a picture of how my people relate A BLACK RACE RUNNING TO THE WHITE LINE" @NUGG

A Shot At Love (Poetry) By @nuggyd3rd

A Shot At Love. I close my eyes trying to describe her beauty Words were far from my mouth So I said, I love you I love you NUTs Meaning I love you crazy Extra spice by the side, I love your BUTT But, I’m not qualified to love a man Hence, I love me not My mouth’s heavy and eyes lazy I still love me some Black chocolate beauty bringing joy like the morning SUN I want you more Overdose is dangerous What is danger? I love me one Beautiful cherry’s melody I will sing you a song If there is a plot twist and she’s non-existent Dressed in black Holy art thou (NUN) Then  I want me none. By @nuggyd3rd