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Regales Of A Lagos Bobo: Episode 4- Lesson Teacher

Regales Of A Lagos Bobo: Episode 4- Lesson Teacher  By @Peero007 If anyone ever tells you being a teacher is easy, just shake your head; hiss and walk away. Truth be told, I wasn't enjoying the teaching job one bit- and that was majorly because I felt I was overworking and getting underpaid. Many times I made up my mind to quit, on one occassion a parent slapped me-why? she thought it rude that I wrote in the child's note "Please monitor your child's assignments" and that was due the fact the child was always failing every one of the take-home assignments. I got so angry, people had to come in to prevent things from escalating and at that moment I didn't care if I lost the job or not. "Uncle, calm down, I know how you feel...You did no wrong" The corper said to me as she led me away from the scene. "Oh you have no idea how I feel...That woman insulted my whole being...why? just because I'm a teacher? I'm here suffering, paid ru

Regales Of A Lagos Bobo: Episode 3 - Teacher Papi & The Army

Never try to live above your means or life would expose you for the fraud that you are. Only two people knew I was resuming work as a teacher, but if you saw the way I was dressed you would think I was one big accountant at some big firm earning big money, in fact people either called me "accountant" or "the accountant", that was the dream anyway and a good way to practice "faith". My first day as a teacher is one event I would never forget even in the next life. There was a staff meeting prior to resumption of official duties and the headmistress introduced me to the other teachers as a new teacher, I noticed something about most of the teachers- they spoke like the headmistress, in that their tenses and sentence structures had serious issues and that had me wondering how such a big school got these type of staff, anyway that wasn't my business, mine was to get paid at the end of 30 days.  "Uncle, Aunty corper have not come, so do assembly

Regales Of A Lagos Bobo: Episode 2 - Uncle Teacher .1

Most times we make plans for the future without room for contingencies because we are so sure things would go as planned, but life just stays somewhere staring at you with a smirk that spells mischief, and just when you think you have it all figured out- Bang! Life does you in. When I went for the teaching vacancy interview, I knew I would have serious problems when the headmistress said "I have see your applicashun letter, but you do no have teashing hexperience..." I swallowed hard, not because the experience issue was mentioned but the fact that a school headmistress was talking like she was a cross between Frank Donga & Falz, I mean a whole school headmistress? Anyway that wasn't why I was there. To impress her, I spoke articulately, and she kept on nodding her head in approval even though I was certain she didn't understand a lot of the things I said, suddenly she stood up and asked me to follow her, I was beaming with smiles as I followed her 'cause

Regales Of A Lagos Bobo (By @Peero007)

Picture Courtesy: 'Dewale Peter Hello, my name is Papi and these events may have occurred in a past life, this present life or the life to come and no! this isn't clairvoyance speaking but hunger. You may have an idea what it feels like to be hungry  at 4pm , wait till dinner  at 8pm  and while waiting, the minions in your belly are agitating because the aroma you perceive is proportional to their agitation in that; the pleasant the aroma, the more agitation in your belly, the more hunger you experience (mathematically &scientifically proven). It gets worse when you sleep off 'cause you'll wake up feeling like the minions revolted and destroyed your stomach walls. Yeah! That's the feeling and for me, naturally, hunger always has a way of opening a valve in my brain from whence cometh strange philosophy & questions that could question one's sanity like right now I'm extremely hungry and asking myself "what if the feeling of deja vu we ex