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Upclose & Personal With Abari Sunshades.

On this edition of "Upclose & Personal", my team and I while exploring the stores in London looking for nice shades to buy found this young and enterprising young Nigerian, turned out he was the brain behind the Abari™ Sunshades. Being a very busy man, we fixed a date for an interview.  Upclose & Personal.: Nice to have you here, first off, who is Abari? Abari: Abari is my family name and I adopted it to be my brand name. My full name is Abari Abdulhamid Damilola...27 year old Nigerian from Lagos State. Upclose & Personal.: Oh, wow, a Lagosian! Abari: Yes Epetedo (Lagos island) Upclose & Personal.: For some unknown reason, I thought you were from up North Abari: We have links with the heritage is from Kebbi Upclose & Personal.: So my intuition was right, did you grow up in Lagos? Abari: Lol.... well we're talking about before the name "Lagos" came to existence. Abari: Yes al

Upclose & Personal With Nicholasa (C.E.O. Nichobeads)

Wednesday morning found me chilling, away from the sunny weather with one of Lagos' finest C.E.Os (calm down, we didn't chill,  this beautiful indigene of Ondo state tells us her journey to being a successful "beadsmith" (Yes, "beadsmith), read our chats. Nicholas The Beadsmith. Nicho: morning Peter Pedro: How are you this lovely Wednesday morning? Nicho: I am not very good Pedro: Really why? If I may ask. Nicho: but i am thankful for the gift of life, thats good enough, Nigeria's economy situation is alarming and frustrating Pedro: Yeah, true though, but there's hope, talking about the economy, you're an entrepreneur, how have you been able to bridge the gap between the fall in naira, cost of production and satisfying customers? Nicho: yes.,when there's life, there's hope and about how the economy affects the business... it really hasnt been too easy cos we have to deal with  the extrem