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Strangers in Love

"Do you believe in true love?" the lady beside me asked me as the aircraft began its cruise enroute Lagos. I looked out the aircraft window at the beautiful art nature was painting with the clouds, the sky and setting sun. I was an unapologetic nature lover, and nature was vast. "Yes" I answered, turning to face her. "Hmm... I think I've lost faith in its existence" She answered. That was not the type of conversation I wanted to have, considering I woke up in the morning to a breakup text from the one I thought was "the one", the umpteenth time. "Oh well! Different strokes, different folks" I answered with a shrug, and looked out the window again, not wanting anything to come between me and the beautiful view I was seeing outside. "It's beautiful!" the lady said. I looked at her, and she pointed at the window. "Oh yeah" I answered, letting a little smile through. "I love sunrises and sunsets, especially

Tenebris: Darkness Arising

    "Oy' mate, this 'ere house is a great buy, beautiful view of the river and woods at the back, they say it's haunted, but I got a team of paranormal fighters to clean the place out, and they saw nothing." the realtor explained in his Irish accent.  "Haunted? I don't do fantasy stories" I chuckled and collected the keys from him. "Ah! You're the man, if you need anything, put a call through" the realtor said and retreated hurriedly.  "Hey mate, who's that wom-" but the realtor had sped off. "weird Irish people". I looked back at the next house across the lawn where a woman sat in a rocker, and thought to go introduce myself as the new neighbor, but when I looked up again, the chair was empty. I went into my new house feeling like a champ without a care in the world. I was expecting to find the home empty and dusty, but was shocked to find it furnished. I put a call through to the realtor.  "Oy' Hullo&q