At some point in my life, I was becoming somewhat of a sex addict, and for some strange reason I never lacked hump partners. I wasn't the party type, and I was also the get-into-a-serious-relationship-and-stick-to-one-partner kind of guy, but all the serious relationships I had gotten into ended in tears for me, not because I cheated, but because I always attracted damaged ladies and after a while they would come up with the "You're an amazing guy, I love you, I really do, you're my dream guy, but I have realized I'm not ready for a relationship. It's not you, I'm the one with the fault here" lines. I think I gave up on serious relationships and just focused on flings, considering I was getting steady attention from mature ladies who just wanted to get down without strings attached (even though some just didn't come with strings, but heavy duty chains.)

I think I could say I was vast in the matters of sex, and sometimes I winced at the memories of some places where sex had been initiated and executed. From blow jobs at the movie theatre to romps in the car, from the bathroom to the stairway, from the kitchen to the airplane, yeah! I had seen it all; the highs, the lows, the good and the bad. I wish I could go into details, but I would digress a lot. The truth is, I never asked for sex, ladies just seemed to like my cool nature, and if we visited each other, one thing would lead to another and they would be taking my shirts off. My looks did it for me too; I was a tall, dark, bearded and muscular dude, and I always got nice compliments about my looks from friends and strangers alike. Like I said earlier, I had really seen it all, let's not even talk about the sexcapades with the older ladies.

One day I heard a teaching about breaking soul ties and how we were caging ourselves because we were getting involved with so many sexual partners. It touched me to the marrow, so I asked God for forgiveness and moved to become a changed human- oh no, the change didn't happen overnight, because the next day I had sex with a friend when I went to retrieve my hard drive from her place, but I noticed there was this guilt after each sexual encounter. After a while, I decided to join the clan of celibate people, and it wasn't fun. It felt like prettier and hotter ladies were released to drag me away from my life of celibacy, but I resolved not to get a girlfriend and have sex until I was certain I was ready to get married.

I enjoyed my life of celibacy for five years, and even though it wasn't easy, it was worth it. I began to get closer to God and would even use my celibacy to teach (more like brag) during Sunday school. I was that handsome and rich Christian brother that the single sisters wanted to get, and some took it steps further by trying to seduce me, but I didn't fall. I felt like I had attained some divine level where I could overcome any form of sexual temptation. I must have felt like the apostle Paul in the bible, because sex and settling down did not feel like activities I wanted to get involved in.

I was at work when I saw a colleague looking so dejected and lost in thoughts.
"Mekus Mekus, why do you look like your landlord gave you a quit notice?" I asked.
"My brother I'm just tired of everything" he answered.
"What's up?" I asked.
"Well, my landlord served us a quit notice, on grounds that he sold the house. I mean who does that? No forewarning, just came yesterday to let us know he's kicking us out" He explained.
"Wow! That's not good" I exclaimed.
"hmmm! You have no idea. If I were alone, I would have found someone to squat with, but my cousin just came to Lagos the first time last week and she got a job just yesterday. I cannot put a burden of two people on another. To make matters worse I put all my money in a business that is not yielding returns anytime soon." he added.
"that's some serious fix you're in. So what do you want to do? How many months do you have to quit the place?" I asked.
"Months? I have till tomorrow evening. Let me not use my own to disturb you jare" he said and walked away. I thought about a way to help him, and an idea hit me.
"Wait Emeka" I called out.
"I even wanted to ask, can you buy my ride, or can you help me get someone to buy between now and tomorrow morning?" he asked
"There won't be any need for that, you can move in with me till you sort yourself out" I answered.
"Chief, we are two ooo, I can't be an inconvenience" He said.
"I live alone in a 3 bedroom flat, and two rooms are unoccupied, so there's no inconvenience at all" I answered.
"Hey! God! You have no idea the type of weight you just lifted off me. Thank you. God bless you richly. In fact, your lunch is on me." he added.
"If you think I'll say no to free food, then you must be joking." I answered.

Emeka and his pretty cousin moved in, and we got along very well, so well that there was never an occasion where we quarreled or exchanged words. Interestingly, I got used to having them around, and wondered how I had coped alone for years. Emeka's cousin, Lucy loved to cook, and she took over the kitchen from the moment they moved in. Emeka was an amiable and smart fellow, and it was easy for all of us to bond.

"When we are playing monopoly is when you'll start squeezing your face like an angry market woman, but be laughing ochi eze when you're talking to your boyfriend on the phone" Emeka said to Lucy while we were playing monopoly.
"Wow! Wow!! Emeka, it's me oh, your most cherished Lucy... Wait! Which boyfriend?" Lucy asked.
"That guy that his belly is like a basketball. Is he not your boyfriend?" Emeka asked.
"I have no idea who or what you're talking about dear" Lucy answered.
"Wow! you're not proud of the love of your life" Emeka added
"Emeka I'm single ooo" She replied.
"Mekus leave her na" I chipped in.
"I tire ooo" Lucy added.
"See them, single Pringles. You both should even just date yourselves, before they chase you out of singles fellowship because you're too old" Emeka teased.
"Na wa ooo. Emeka leave us alone oooo" Lucy answered.

One period, Emeka had to travel out of the country on an official assignment that would last three months. We missed his presence at home, but we continued to live in peace and harmony like it was supposed to be. 

"So I was invited to a beach hangout and I have no idea what to wear" Lucy said while we were seeing a beach advert on TV.
"What are your options?" I asked.
"Hold on, I'll wear them for you to decide" she said.
"Alright, let's see" I answered. She stepped out some minutes later in a black bikini, and I was awestruck for a while, so much so that I just stared with my jaw dropped. She was drop dead gorgeous from her head, round her curves, and to her pretty feet.
"Okay, this is not the one" She added
"Ermm what do you mean?" I found my voice.
"If a rigid person like you could react that way, then I'll attract unnecessary attention at the beach, and that's not something I want" She answered.
"Hold on, how do you mean a rigid person like me?" I asked.
"I'm sorry I put it that way, I didn't know what other word to use." Lucy answered.
"I'm not upset though, I'm just curious how you arrived at that" I replied.
"You never talk about women, you don't have a girlfriend, no woman has ever visited you here, I have never heard you talk to a woman over the phone, need I say more?"She asked.
"Wow! Wow!!" was all I could say.
"So I'm so not wearing this" She said and walked away. That was when I realized she was all shades of pretty, hot, and shapely. After trying different outfits, we settled for a jeans and a tee, she even looked hotter in that ensemble than the bikini. Later that evening I opened up to her about my past life, and it was a beautiful moment, because she shared some stuff about her too.
"So you thought I was gay?" I asked.
"Well, not really, I just thought it strange that a hunk like you was not attracting women" She answered.
That night, as I lay in bed, sleep refused to come, and I kept tossing and turning; not because it was anything serious, but because my mind kept replaying the image of Lucy in her bikini. "no no I bind you nasty thought" I muttered and thought it best to just go watch a movie, hoping that I would fall asleep while watching. Wearing only my boxers, I stepped into the kitchen to get some warm milk and nuts, and then went to the living room. I froze when I stepped into the living room, because standing right in front of the TV was Lucy in a short night dress that was also dangerously transparent.
"oh you're awake too" she said.
"Uhmmm! Yeah" I muttered. 
"I'll report you to Aproko doctor for snacking at midnight" she teased. 
"Uhmmm! yeah" I couldn't even respond because I couldn't help but take in how hot she was; my mind began to send signals to the rest of my body, and my arousal was instant.
"That's two Uhmmm yeahs in less than a minute" She said, turning to look at me. I could see that surprised look on her face when she saw my boner that I could not hide, because I had a cup in one hand, and a plate of nuts in the other hand.
"So-sorry!" I said awkwardly.
"Wow! No na, inside I'm bubbling with joy that someone finds me attractive" she said with a smile. In my mind I began to cast and bind every spirit of lust that was trying to take over my mind, body, and soul. Sitting comfortably was Herculean, because the boner had refused to go down, and to worsen the situation, it was a sensual movie we were watching.
"I think I've had enough TV for the night, let me go do some writing inside. Good night and don't stay up late" She said. It took all the muscles in my body, plus extra effort not to stare at her as she walked past.
 I couldn't concentrate on the TV as my mind kept wandering - lust was taking over my thoughts and body, and I kept suppressing my emotions. I don't know if you understand my predicament, but it was so bad that I threw caution to the wind and just went straight to her bedroom to see if we could talk ourselves into getting some juice. Few meters from her door, I went past her bedroom and headed straight to my room instead "get thee behind me Satan" I muttered. Some minutes later I was standing at her door, but stopped short of knocking when I heard some unusual sounds from her bedroom- there was the tlof-tlof sound, and ecstatic moans. "she wants it too, and is helping herself" I thought to myself. I turned to go back to my bedroom, and stopped, and turned again to knock on her door.
"Lucy, you okay?" I asked.
"I Uhmmm Hold on" she said. She opened the door, and I froze.
"Ehh- you I me-an I" I stuttered, shocked to find her naked.
"Like what you see?" Lucy asked, as she pulled me in. Perhaps if you were in my shoes, at that point you would have overcome the temptation and fled the scene, or stayed put and not given in. For me though, the only thing on my mind was intense sexual liberation.
Lucy pulled me into her bedroom, and pulled my head down for a kiss. By default, I responded to the kiss, and the feel of her full boobs on my chest plus her supple and cool skin heightened the desire in me. Oblivious to our environment, and caught up in that moment of sheer lust, I kissed her like my life depended on it, savoring every moment like it was my last. 
"come baby, come!" she whispered in my ears, and wrapped her hands around me as I kissed her neck, my hands running down the small of her back, and coming to rest on her bum. Lucy reached into my briefs to touch my pintle; the feel of her soft palm on my member had me letting out a moan I didn't know was in me. In no time we were in our birthday suits, exploring our bodies, and letting our ecstatic pleasures lead us.
I nibbled on her right nipple, and she whispered "it's the left one boo" in my ear, so I switched to tonguing the left nipple, and I could feel her body give in to waves of light spasms. Like an archaeologist not wanting to leave any stone unturned, I got immersed in the business of pleasuring my friend. I believed in taking my time when it came to sex, because I always wanted the encounter to be a memorable one.
I touched and licked her erogenous spots, and studied how she reacted to my touches, from her neck to her nipples, down to her belly, and then she shuddered when my tongue touched her inner thigh.
"oh dear, oh dear!" she moaned. Holding and leaning on her dresser for support, she spread her legs for me to bury my head between, she had this fruity scent down there that seemed to heighten my arousal. As my tongue performed its duty, the prominence of her throbbing clit made oral sex fun. Not being able to lean on the dresser 'cause her legs were trembling, Lucy reached out to pull her dresser's seat, and then sat on it while I continued tonguing her.
"I'm gonna, Oh my, I'm gonn'...." she was saying, and I wasn't prepared for what followed; she pushed me to the floor and in quick succession, rubbed my pintle against her moist labia, next she was spraying my body, bending over to kiss me, and still rubbing my drenched pintle. She fed her left nipple into my mouth, let another spray out of her vagina, this time with a silent scream. I understood what was going on, but I had never witnessed it that intense. Taken over by spasms all over her body, she rolled over, and lay beside me, breathing hard, with her hands covering her face.
"I-I'm so-so sorry. I-I feel so embarrassed" She muttered, and tried to peep at me from behind her hands.
"I have no idea what you're talking about" I whispered in her ear, and sucked on her left and right nipple. Her arousal was instant, she reached for my erect pintle, and the sight of her glossy red nail polished fingers wrapped around my pintle was a beautiful sight to behold, a memory I would always relive. She got on top of me, and kissed me, as her hands worked down there.
"do you have a fetish?" She asked.
"Yeah" I muttered, shutting my eyes and enjoying every bit of the stroking.
"Tell me Papi" She said.
"Fine hands and fine feet" I moaned.
"You're in good hands" she muttered. She used her hands, feet, and mouth in ways I couldn't imagine, and after a while, slid my pintle into her snatch and began to ride. She had barely bounced six times when something horrendous happened, I came in less than a minute.
"No no, this cannot be happening" I said.
"Well it has happened, what are you gonna do about it?" Lucy asked.
"I think I need to see a doctor, this has never happened. Maybe I'm sick" I answered.
"Awwn, you have so many cute facial expressions. Nothing's wrong with you, remember the foreplay was pretty long. Come to Mami, let me take care of you Papi" Lucy said. We went at it again, and this time the romp lasted longer than the first one, but that still wasn't me. 
"phew! Looks like I'm getting all the sex I haven't gotten in three years in one night, and it's the best sex of my life" Lucy said, as she rolled over after the second round.
In no time, we were up and romping, this time she bent over on the bed, while I slid in from behind, the slap-slap sound of the rhythmical movement of her fleshy bum, coupled with the perfect arch of her back was enough motivation for me.
"Yeah! Babe, hit that coochie!" Lucy moaned, and squeezed the sheets as I thrust harder. I popped my pintle out and in repeatedly, and then finally slid it in. The tempo started slowly, and then I gradually increased the thrusts, creating sweet memories and making every thrust count. We had the most unusual climax together, I don't know how she turned round, got me to carry her as she expertly slid my pintle into her catch, and held on to me tight as we climaxed together. We collapsed on the bed from exhaustion, and in no time dozed off.
Few hours later I was up, and it took a while for me to come round. I looked around to find Lucy seated with her heads in her hands whimpering, and I was confused.
"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked.
"Oh! You're's nothing" Lucy answered, feigning a smile.
"It can't be nothing" I said.
"I-I feel guilty, I dragged you into sin, I enjoyed every bit of it, but I feel terrible" she said. That was when the guilt hit me too, and I went mute for a while, not knowing what to say or do.
"Lucy, this wasn't your fault at all, I wanted it, was why I came to you." I managed to say.
We went back to God asking for forgiveness and agreed to put it behind us and move on, and we also agreed we would not allow it repeat itself again. Deep down I felt empty, knowing I had failed, I thought about all my brags about being disciplined and like Paul the apostle. Two days later we were romping in the living room, another day it was in the car, we did it in the kitchen, on the dinning, our lust was insatiable, and it was drawing us further away from God. One time, we were having a good time on the couch when Emeka called, I pulled out to avoid distractions, she held my pintle and put it back in, signaling to continue thrusting.
"Emekus my brother" she greeted
"Lucy nwa, how far now?" Emeka responded.
"I'm good, do you have an accent already?this one you're sounding supri supri" Lucy teased, while I continued drilling.
"Gerraway you! I'm on my way out. How are you guys? Una don dey date each other abi  Una never reason Una matter?" he asked.
"We are married already" Lucy teased. I stopped thrusting, and slowly eased out. Lucy moaned, shut her eyes and opened them again to give me the "why did you stop?" look.
"You're shaving your leg again? Because that's the only time your voice is cool" Emeka said, and I didn't know whether to laugh or feel guilty.
"you gorrit!" Lucy answered, and spread her labia, seeing her pretty fingers touch her coochie, had me diving in.
"Make Una do date, marry, Una don dey old. Tell him I said so. Bye!" Emeka said and hung up, and we continued our romp with reckless abandon.
Each time we had sex, we would get overcome with guilt, withdraw for a while, and then pick up from where we stopped. It was affecting both of us in different areas of our lives, but we could not just resist each other. One Sunday, the pastor preached about our conscience and how it was possible to get to a point beyond redemption, that point where our conscience was totally seared, I felt like the preacher was talking to me directly, and so I thought to go see him after the service. I got to his office, and before I said anything, he said "Stop it! Go the right way and do the right thing". I was shocked, but I got the message. 

Anyway, in the end, I got married to Lucy, and that was the best decision of my life. Lesson learned was no matter how spiritual or morally upright you think you are, do not feel like you're above any temptation, because it's so easy to fall.


  1. This was such a 'stay-glued-to-your-seat kinda read!
    Thanks for sharing!
    The fact that this was related to our Faith, as well as examining the shades in which temptation comes made it so repayable.
    May your pen remain mightier than the sword!


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