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  Lucy At some point in my life, I was becoming somewhat of a sex addict, and for some strange reason I never lacked hump partners. I wasn't the party type, and I was also the get-into-a-serious-relationship-and-stick-to-one-partner kind of guy, but all the serious relationships I had gotten into ended in tears for me, not because I cheated, but because I always attracted damaged ladies and after a while they would come up with the "You're an amazing guy, I love you, I really do, you're my dream guy, but I have realized I'm not ready for a relationship. It's not you, I'm the one with the fault here" lines. I think I gave up on serious relationships and just focused on flings, considering I was getting steady attention from mature ladies who just wanted to get down without strings attached (even though some just didn't come with strings, but heavy duty chains.) I think I could say I was vast in the matters of sex, and sometimes I winced at the memo