My Dead Girlfriend


My Dead Girlfriend

The deadline to getting my presentation ready for an environmental ‘Plant a Tree’ AD campaign was just a few days away, and I had no idea what to prepare for the presentation – “Perhaps I should sit this one out, and allow others handle it” I thought to myself.

“Sifu, you do remember we are counting on you, yeah? deadline’s around the corner and we ain’t heard or seen anything from you” one of my team members said as he walked by my cubicle. “Damn! I couldn’t let my team down”. It was Friday, I told myself that whatever it took, I would come up with something over the weekend.

“yeah I got you man” I answered, and continued packing my bag, in anticipation for the next 5 minutes when it would be 5pm and time to head home. When it was time to clock off, I picked my bag and headed to the car park.

“hey are you joining us for a drink at the bar down the road? They just added karaoke too” A colleague asked another.

“You bet I’m in!” Another colleague answered.

“Did I hear karaoke?” Seyi the new front desk lady asked.

“That’s right!” Dan answered.

“Is there suya?” Seyi asked.

“Suya’s on me if your pretty self comes along” Dan answered with a cocky smile. “No one ever invites me to stuff like this” I thought to myself.

“Hey Chief! I guess you’re coming too?” Seyi asked me.

“It’s Sam, I’m not a Chief….” I was saying.

“Oh! This man’s social life is zilch” Dan answered.

“It’s not, he’s just not conforming to the stereotyped version of what people think a social life should be” Seyi answered with a smile.

“Thank you Seyi” I answered and walked away to the car park.

“When life throws you Fridays, you gonn’ turn that shi’ up” Femi added.

As I sat in the car checking Google maps for the traffic situation, a tap on my window made me look up.

“Hey Chief Sir…” Seyi said

“Sam, it’s Sam” I answered.

“I’m sorry Sam, I uhmm, I don’t know, but I ermm want to invite you over to barbecue tomorrow evening” She said.

“Huh!...Me? Barbecue?” I asked.

“Yes, you” She answered

“Will they be there?” I asked, pointing at the other colleagues.

“Oh no!” She answered.

“Why me, and why not them?” I asked.

“Be there tomorrow and I would explain to you- deal?” She answered. I remembered the presentation I intended to prepare over the weekend.

“I don’t know if I’ll make it, I have this presentation to prepare, and…” I was saying.

“You know what they say about life, lemons, and lemonades?” She asked.

“yeah, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonades” I answered.

“Correct, I feel like there are different lessons to pick from it, for instance, life keeps sharing options with us, for instance it gives us lemons, life shares the idea to make lemonades from the lemons, and also shares the idea of sharing the lemonades with friends or packaging it for sale… You know” She answered.

“Wooow! That’s some deep stuff” I said, mimicking the voice of someone high on weed.

“Life is about sharing, Mr. Sam, sharing moments, sharing time, sharing ideas, sharing space, sharing barbecue, you name it.” Seyi added.

“Seyi, leave that man, he’s never going to celebrate TGIF with us, he’s a bloody loner, I doubt if he has friends” Dan called out.

“So tomorrow?” Seyi asked, ignoring Dan

“I can’t promise, but just in case I get free, what’s the address?” I asked.

“I stay in the compound beside yours Mr. Sam” She said, as she winked at me, and walked away. I sat there for a while and wondered how she was living beside me and I didn’t know, and it hit me that I barely knew anyone in the estate. As I drove out of the office car park, I thought about her analogy with life and lemons, I wasn’t sure if it made complete sense, but I saw a solution to my presentation dilemma- “Life is about sharing and when life throws you lemons you make lemonade, but instead of just making lemonades, we could also plant the lemon seeds for others to benefit- boom! There goes the synopsis for my presentation”

The security guard opened my gate for me to drive into my compound, and I just sat in the car for a while thinking about the events of the day up until I left the office complex, Dan’s statement kept ringing in my head -“He’s a bloody loner, I doubt if he has friends” If only they knew I hadn’t always been like that. I let out a deep sigh as I got out of the car.

“Welcome sir” my guard greeted.

“Thank you, any issue?” I asked.

“No boss.” He answered.

“Okay.” I said, and made to go inside the house, but stopped short of the doorway.

“Hey Bob” I called back to the guard.

“Boss!” He answered.

“What do you know about the people there?” I asked, pointing at the next compound.

“Only two sisters live there, one is Seyi and the other is Sola, they are the daughters of the oil magnate that owns the ultra-modern fuel station beside the estate’s entrance” He answered.

“Interesting, why are they living alone though?” I asked.

“Independence sir” Bob answered.

“Independence? I don’t understand” I added.

“Yes Boss, both sisters did not want to depend on their father’s wealth, so they left to create names for themselves” He answered.

“Oh! Where did you get this info though?” I asked.

“Sola is my good friend Sir” Bob answered. I was curious, I wanted to know how and why the daughter from an affluent family was friends with a guard, considering that society had made it seem like such friendships were not possible.

“Your friend?” I asked.

“It’s a long story sir, but we grew up together, and attended the same primary and secondary schools.” Bob answered. I could not hide the confused look on my face, and Bob seemed to understand.

“I come from a wealthy home too, my ending up here as a guard is a pretty long story sir” Ben added. I realized that I barely knew the man I put in charge of my property’s security, because I had never cared to find out.

“Wow! alright, thank you” Was all I could manage to say, and stepped into the house.

I poured a glass of vodka and turned the television on with no intention to watch, because I just loved to hear the TV on while doing anything around the house, it had a way of making me not feel alone in the house, and some TV adverts gave me inspiration for other adverts. I set to creating the presentation on my laptop, and as I put different elements in place to create a masterpiece, my mind drifted off to my past.

“Babe, I need you to promise something” my girlfriend had whispered into my ears at the hospital.

“What’s that?” I asked

“That you would move on when I’m gone” She said, with a weak smile.

“Babe, you’re going nowhere! You’ll stay with me, we will get married, build that empire, and grow old together” I said.

“When I get to heaven tonight, I’ll ask God if he can assign me to be your angel.” She said quietly.

“No no! Babe no! You can’t leave me here, please don’t” I wept.

“God wants me back, guess my assignment here is done, heaven’s so beautiful” She added, her voice getting fainter.

“Let me go get the doctor. Doctor!” I shouted.

“No babe, just hold my hand and sing me one of my favorite songs, not the Keane one” She whispered. With tears welling in my eyes, I held her hands and sang to her.

“I’ll be your cloud up in the sky, I‘ll be your shoulder when you cry, I’ll hear your voices when you call, I am your angel” I sang with sobs.

“Babe if you want me to rest in peace, move on after I’m gone, please babe don’t go back to the cold, dark and lonely shell I pulled you from” She said faintly as she held my hand.

“I-I can’t live without you, take me with you, I-I can’t face this lonely and cruel world alone without you” I whimpered.

“Shush shush babe, wipe your tears, you won’t be alone, I’ll be with you in your heart and watch over you from heaven” She said.

“God why? Why?” I wept.

“You are the best thing that happened to me in my whole life, can I have one last kiss on the forehead like you always do when I fall asleep” She said with a smile, her eyes barely open. I took one look at her, and kissed her forehead.

“No one can….” I was saying

“Thank you my love. It’s time! Mom, Dad and my Sisters are waiting to escort me home. Love you always” She said, squeezed my hand a bit, and let out one last breathe with a smile on her face. Her mention of her dead family sent shivers down my spine, and something strange happened; I felt a draft of cool breeze the moment she passed away, and there was this new glow about her lifeless body. I told myself I was going to be a man and not weep, but the tears came pouring each time I remembered her.

5 years later, it still felt like she just died few minutes ago. “Babe, I can’t move on, it keeps getting more difficult without you around” I put my laptop aside and wept again till I drifted to sleep. That night, she visited me in my dream, and it was so real that I thought her death was the dream.

“Babe, you’re holding back, it’s 5 years already, you’re not moving on, and it’s holding me down” She said. She looked radiant and more beautiful than ever.

“But I can’t, how do you mean holding you down?” I asked.

“I’m stuck in this realm between death and heaven, so I’ve just been roaming. Babe I know you love me dearly, I love you even more, but you really need to let me go, please babe. Someone like me will come your way, don’t hold back. She’ll do a better job than me.” She said and planted a kiss on my cheek.

“Can’t I just remain here with you forever?” I asked, the tears welling up again.

“Awww my baby, your destiny is not bringing you here anytime soon” She answered and pinched my cheek.

“Were you destined to leave so soon?” I asked.

“Yes dear, you were my destiny, I was sent to pull you out of the shell and dark pit you were falling into without knowing it. The happiest moments of my life on earth began the day I met you, and it was my most blissful moment, up until the day I died with you holding my hand.” She explained, with that smile that got me hooked the first day I met her.

“I miss you Babe, I really do” I said.

“I know you do, but I can’t rest in peace until you love another, and you also need friends- good friends” She added

“Finding another and going through the whole process….” I said.

“She will find you, but when she comes, do not hold back. God is sending you an upgraded version of me. You need to wake now. You’ll always be my baby” She said, and began to fade away.

I woke with a start and felt that cool draft of air around me, with her fragrance- “You were really here again, as the other times- uhmm that your signature fragrance! So soothing” I whispered, and the cold draft moved from my hands to my cheeks. Even in death, she always had a way of communicating and making me feel better. Feeling much better than when I dozed off, I looked at the time and it was time for my morning jog.

I stepped out of my compound to begin my morning run, and my mind was like a carousel of different thoughts, from Seyi’s speech about life and sharing, to Bob my guard, and then the dream about my dead girlfriend- “What if in the grand scheme of things, everything is connected?” I asked myself, because I could see a pattern, and for some strange reason I felt some excitement at the known unknown.

“Mr. Sam! Wow, what are the odds?” Seyi said, coming from the opposite.

“Hey, hi…good morning” I greeted.

“Good morning sir” She answered.

“Sir?” I asked

“You’re my boss” She answered.

“Please, I’m not your boss, and Sam’s fine” I added.

“Oh okay! that informal vibe yeah? I get it” She said with a smile and a wink.

“So, you just started running here?” I asked, not knowing what else to ask or say.

“Oh no, been running here every day for two years now? You mean you haven’t noticed I always greet or wave at you almost every morning?” She asked.

“I’m so-so sorry” I apologized, and wondered how I didn’t notice her all the while.

“I won’t accept your apology unless you honor my invite this evening” She added.

“About that though, I have this presentation I have been trying to put up, and so I may not be able to make it to your….” I was saying.

“See you later Mr. Sam” She said and continued running. I stood there for a while, staring at her as she jogged away.

As I jogged back home, my mind replayed the conversation I had with my dead girlfriend in the dream from earlier that day, and I wondered how I was supposed to go about the daunting task of making new friends, considering that I loved my space and didn’t know how to allow people in.

“Welcome back boss” Bob greeted at the gate.

“Thanks man” I answered.

“Boss, do you have an outing today, so I can prep your car?” He asked. I stopped at the door as an idea hit me.

“No, lock the gate, come in with your CV, let’s discuss over a drink” I answered.

“Oh okay sir.” He said.

While taking a bath, a myriad of thoughts coursed through my mind “Babe, I really do not know how to face this, or where to start from- a little help here? God please help me!” I muttered in the bathroom, and then again I felt that cold gentle draft of air “Uhmm babe, I’m naked in here ooh”- For a moment, I had this flash of her laughing, and wasn’t sure if it was my mind or I really heard her. I leaned against the shower cubicle and wept again. “I don’t know – I don’t know if I can move on without you, life has been difficult without you, no one to talk to, no one to rant to, no one to laugh at my dry jokes, no one to advice me, no one to encourage me, it’s just me and my thoughts babe, I don’t think I know how to move on.” Slowly I went from leaning on the wall of the shower cubicle, to sitting on the floor weeping.

I stepped out of the bathroom, wore something and went into the living room to turn on the living room, and found heard a knock at the door.

“Come in, it’s open” I said, and Bob stepped in.

“Boss, here are my documents as requested” He said, while handing over his credentials.

“Please sit, what do you drink? Or just help yourself over there” I added, and went through the documents.

“Thank you Sir” He replied.

“Wait a minute, you have an M.Sc.? you’re an architect? I’m sorry, but how the hell did you-I’m confused, what’s your story?” I asked.

“Hmmm! Boss, it’s a long story” Bob said, after downing a shot of vodka.

“Alright, fill me in, or cut it short in righteousness” I said.

Bob narrated how his parents had excommunicated him because he had refused to study medicine, citing that he was the black sheep of the family that could not follow the steps of his siblings who had done the bidding of their parents and selected career paths that their parents had dictated to them.

“Wow! Sorry about that Bro, but that still does not explain how an architect is a guard” I said.

“Well, let’s just say the elements decided to work against me at the same time. My parents cut off support when I refused to become a medical doctor, so…..”

“Sorry, even your mom, and your siblings?” I asked.

“I was the least favorite in the house, and as unbelievable as it may sound, my mom treated me like I wasn’t hers, and my siblings are their puppets. I did all types of jobs to see myself through school, and after school, I lost all my savings to thieves, lost my property in a fire, and the car I bought for uber was totaled in an accident. My architecture designs were only saved on my laptop which I lost in the fire, plus I didn’t have a single client….” He explained.

“Damn! No friends to help you?” I asked.

“Friends? I thought I had friends till things went south. I was sleeping in uncompleted buildings, and doing menial jobs to save up to get a place, get a laptop, and find my feet.” He added.

“How did that pan out?” I asked.

“Well, it was while carrying cement at a construction site that Sola found and recognized me.” Bob answered.

“Wow!” I said.

“Yeah, she was ready to take me in and help me with some money to get myself a laptop and do other things, but I wasn’t comfortable with that, so I refused and asked her to help get me a job instead” He added.

“Why did you refuse?” I asked.

“I have learned to not be totally dependent on people, it saves one a lot of nonsense” he explained.

“Hmmm… I understand, so she got you a job as a corporate guard?” I asked.

“oh no, she got me a job at a bank just to start something and then grow from there, but when I compared what I would be earning as a trainee, considering that I didn’t have accommodation, with what I could be earning as a guard that would be given free accommodation, I dropped the bank offer and ended up here instead” He explained. I thought about everything Bob had said, and an idea hit me “I can help him though, and he won’t have to be a guard anymore, but perform as the professional that he trained to become”- I felt that cold draft of air again. “Okay babe, I take it that you approve” I thought, and this time I felt the cold draft on my cheek.

“So what’s your plan moving forward?” I asked, as I Googled recommended laptops for architects. While he was explaining what he hoped to achieve, I found a vendor that could deliver a laptop within a few hours, so I made the payment quietly.

“Once I get some designs ready, I’ll open social media accounts, and start posting my designs, so I can get clients…” He explained further.

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll advice you also register your business to make your brand more professional” I said.

“I already did that. Thank you boss” He said.

“Smart move!” I added. As we talked more, I was able to expand Seyi’s analogy about life and sharing, with some elements from my discussion with Bob.

“Thanks boss. I appreciate” Bob said.

“Nah! You know the fenced plots of land after the round about?” I asked.

“The one beside the lagoon?” Bob asked.

“Yeah! That one. I have been torn between putting an ultra modern relaxation spot or shopping mall there” I answered.

“Boss, you own the property?” Bob asked.

“Correct!” I answered.

“Wow! Boss, if you put a shopping mall there, you may lose the value that the water front would bring, than when you put a relaxation spot there.” He explained.

“Very correct! So relaxation spot it is, but I want it to be ultra modern both within and without” I added.

“That shouldn’t be a problem for the architect; you may just take the person there so he or she can come up with a good design.” Bob said.

“Hmm! Thank you very much Bro, I need to complete this presentation, I’m expecting a package in less than an hour, please let me know when it’s here. Leave your credentials here, let me see what I can do about it” I added.

“Okay Boss. Thank you very much sir” Bob added.

“One more thing, call the cleaning lady to come and clean the boys’ quarter, and when she’s done, move your things there, I see water is spoiling the walls of the room at the gate house and I want it fixed, so you’ll be in the boys’ quarter for a while” I instructed.

“Okay Boss” Bob answered.

“Dude’s in for a shocker today” I thought to myself as Bob stepped out of my apartment. I called the laptop vendor to confirm if they had shipped the laptop already, they told me they were preparing it for delivery, so at an extra cost, I asked them to install the latest architecture software, and I also instructed them to package it such that no one would suspect what the package was. For the first time in a long while, I felt happy that I was doing something nice for someone. I also called the agency that sent Bob, and requested another guard that would replace Bob.

About two hours later, Bob called me to let me know the package had been delivered, so I asked him to put in the car and get dressed so we could go deliver it together.

“Can you drive?” I asked.

“Yes boss” Bob answered.

“Do you have a license?” I asked.

“Yes boss” Bob answered, this time with a confused look on his face.

“Splendid, you’re driving” I added, and I could see that look of uncertainty on his face.

“Boss? Me? Drive?” He asked.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to drive though” I added.

“No no sir, I’ll drive, I’m just not used to this you” Bob said.

“This me? I don’t understand” I added.

“Well boss, you hardly talk to anyone, so….” He was saying.

“Don’t worry, maybe I owe you my own story too, but that’s for later. For now, let’s go deliver this thing, you’ll pass through that waterside property though, I haven’t been there in ages” I added.

“Okay boss” Bob replied.

At the property, I asked Bob to put his professional eyes to good use because I would love to hear his ideas, and he impressed me with different possible designs.

“I just remembered Seyi invited me to barbecue, let’s just go home.” I told Bob as we left the property

“And the package?” Bob asked

“We’ll deliver it some other time, let’s go home.”

When we got home, we met a guy waiting at the gate, and I suspected he was from the agency. “Bob, you’re about to lose your job” I mused.

“Good day sir” He greeted.

“yeah, good day” I answered.

“I am from the agency sir, here are my credentials” He said.

“Oh good! Have you done this before?” I asked.

“Yes sir!” He answered.

“Okay Bob, handle this, he’s the new guard” I said and handed the documents to him.

“I-I understand sir, the new guard?” Bob asked, and I could see the pain on his face

“Oh yes, I needed to relieve you of your job for obvious reasons, and he’s taking over from you” I answered with a smile.

“Boss, what did I do wrong? Whatever it is, please forgive me, I’m sorry sir” Bob pleaded with tears running down his cheeks, while the new guy looked on in confusion.

“Bob get a grip, and take out the package from the car” I said.

“o-okay sir” Bob replied.

“Open it” I instructed. After opening different wrappers and cartons, the laptop was revealed.

“Done boss” he said.

“Take it, it’s yours. When you’re done, come in let’s discuss the building project you will handle from plan to finish” I added with a smile and a pat on his shoulder.

“I can’t believe this Sir. I don’t even know how to say the thank you. I appreciate this greatly Sir, and cannot thank you enough till I die, but I have nowhere to go. I still need my job as the guard” Bob added.

“That’s why you are moving to the boys’ quarter till you make enough money to comfortably move to your place” I answered.

“My God!” Bob cried.

“You’re an architect, time to start your first gig. I have other gigs for you after this one” I added.

“How can I ever thank you enough sir?” Bob asked. “Be my friend” was the answer in my mind.

“You’re welcome bro. So tell this guy what he needs to know, and don’t forget to leave the agency formally” I said.

I felt elated at the fact that I put a huge smile on another person’s face “making friends may not be as difficult as I thought it to be though” I thought to myself.

That evening, it took me a while to decide whether I was going to honor Seyi’s invitation or not, so I settled for breezing and breezing out.

“Hey! You finally came through Mr. Sam” Seyi greeted when she opened the door.

“I had to honor your invitation” I responded.

“I must say I didn’t think you would come though. I appreciate your presence, it means so much to me” She answered and shook my hand.

“Oh! I was taught to never go to such an invitation empty-handed, so I brought this wine” I said and handed the wine to her.

“Wow! You actually brought me my favorite! How did you know?” She asked “My dead girlfriend whispered to me” I mused.

“I have this ability to read people” I teased.

“Hmm! I’m so not sharing this wine with anyone else. So do you want to be introduced to the others, or do we just go chill at the special VIP section I created for you and I?” She asked.

“I uhmm don’t know how I uhmm…” I was saying.

“You know what? Let’s ditch the people and just elope to somewhere only we know, but I’ll need you to meet my Sister” She said gleefully. “Somewhere only we know, that song by was one of my dead girlfriend’s favorites.” I thought to myself.

“Sounds like a plan I love. You listen to Keane?” I asked.

“Wow! You know the song too? That’s the only one I know from Keane though” She answered.

“oh okay” I said.

“So, my single Sis is somewhere around, and I uhmm think you two should meet, let me go get her” She added.

“Hold on! So that’s what this was about? To match me with your sister? Really? I should have listened to my intuition not to come” I said and stormed out of the building without looking back. “Can you imagine the impudence?!” I muttered.

I opened my laptop to add finishing touches to the presentation I was preparing earlier. “So much for stepping out of my shell” I thought to myself. While working on my laptop and shuttling between editor and browser, I saw a web advert about overreacting, and I took a pause- “Did I overreact?” I asked myself. I was trying to decide whether to go back to her place or just forget it when I heard a knock at the door.

“Coming” I said

“Hi Mr. Sam” Seyi said as I opened the door.

“Wow! Hey! About that stuff in there, I’m sorry” I said

“No, the fault was from me. I wasn’t trying to match-make though, I just wanted to introduce you as my colleague and our neighbor. I’m really sorry for the mixup, so I’m here to make it up to you.” She explained.

“Make it up to me?” I asked.

“I came with some barbecue and my favorite wine- which you brought of course” She added.

“Your guests?” I asked

“They don’t need me” She answered.

“Wow! Okay. Pardon my manners, please come in.” I ushered her in.

She stayed with me till late in the night, discussing and helping out with the presentation I was preparing. For the first time in 5 years, I found myself really discussing with a lady for hours and strangely I was enjoying every bit of it.

“Wow! Your interests are vast” I said.

“Well, it’s not like you’re any different. It was fun hanging out with you without interference from people of this world” She added with a laugh. I did not want to be too ahead of myself, but my mind had already made comparisons between her and my beloved dead girlfriend, and I could see a lot of similarities.

As the weeks rolled by, our friendship became stronger. One day while taking an evening stroll round the estate, we decided to take a break and relax.

“That’s Orion’s Belt over there” She pointed at a constellation of stars in the night sky.

“And over there is Betelgeuse” I pointed out.

“You’re a stargazer too. Cool!” She said excitedly.

“My girlfriend, rest her soul, introduced me to stargazing and I have loved it since then” I added.

“Oh, sorry, she must have been a sweetheart! Only sweethearts love stargazing” Seyi said

“Yeah! 5 years later and it still feels like she just died today” I replied.

“5 years? Wow! Okay! Moving on! There are so many mysteries surrounding us, and I am particularly intrigued by water and space mysteries. The stories I hear are so –I don’t know how to describe them” She added.

“Unbelievable, yeah?” I asked.

“I believe them though. Do you believe in the paranormal?” She asked. Even though we were out in the open, I could still feel that special cold draft of air “Babe, I know you’re here with us, Seyi and you have so many similarities” I thought.

“Yeah I do, it’s like an everyday thing for me” I said with a smile.

“Are you like a spiritualist or cultist or something?” She asked, and I laughed.

“No I’m not” I answered.

“Do you understand dreams? I’ve been dreaming about someone I have never seen or met in real life” She added.

“Oh well, the mind is a fascinating entity, I guess”

One day Seyi visited, and while she was going through my photo album, she saw a picture of my dead girlfriend- it was the first time she was seeing it.

“Oh no! who-who is this?” She asked, pointing at the lady in the picture.

“Well, that’s her” I answered.

“Your-your dead girlfriend?” She asked again, and I could notice her hands trembling.

“Is anything the matter? Your hands are shaking” I said.

“This is too much” She muttered, and took in deep breaths.

“What’s the matter? Do I get you some water?” I asked.

“I’m trying so hard not to freak out more than this” She explained with a weak laugh.

“Seyi, talk to me, what’s up?” I asked.

“Okay! Okay! Phew! Remember when I told you I was having dreams about someone I had never seen or met before?” She asked.

“Yeah” I answered looking from her face to the photo and back at her face.

“That’s the face right there” She added.

“You’re sure about this?” I asked. “Babe did do you know about this?”- I felt that cold draft of air again.

“Where did that come from?” Seyi asked, looking around.

“What?” I asked, looking around too, and not wanting to jump to the conclusion that she felt the cold draft too.

“I felt this unusually cool air around my hands” Seyi answered. “Babe!!!” my mind screamed.

“Do you feel the air after you dream about her or when I’m around you?” I asked.

“Now that I have thought about it, it’s both; I just wasn’t really paying attention before. Wait a minute! You know about this too?, because you’re asking like you’ve experienced something similar.” She asked.

I narrated everything to Seyi, including what transpired on my girlfriend’s deathbed and how we were constantly in communication after her death.

“Wow! Oh no! So sorry!” She sobbed.

“Seyi it’s 5 years ago. It’s okay” I said and handed a handkerchief to her.

“That deathbed part was so touching; I could literally picture it in my mind. Now I understand you much better” She added, while wiping her tears.

Some weeks later, I went to my dead girlfriend’s grave with some flowers and sat at the tombstone, reminiscing about the times when I was down and she would sing “I’m your angel” so sweetly. “Babe indeed, you’re an angel, thank you for having my back even in death; I realize Seyi is just you in another body. How you worked it all out is a mystery I don’t even want to understand. So, I was wondering, if you enter heaven now, you would have more angelic powers yeah? Hehehe I’m kidding. You really need to rest, you’ve been working hard for me, Seyi’s here to take over while you groove in heaven. Say hello to your folks and mine too. Rest well my beloved. I’ll always love you and will never forget how you showed me that life is really about sharing- okay, you and Seyi showed me that. Anyway, you’re forever in my heart! Oh wait, can you ask God to give you the recording of what really happened in the Garden of Eden so you can share with me in dreamville. Hehehe! Thanks babe. Thank you so-so much! No I won’t say that word people say when they are going away from each other. Talk to you later sounds better!” I said, and walked away into a life of sharing.

The End!











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