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From Danfo With Love

I woke up early as usual, one thing living and working in Lagos taught me was, no matter how early you woke and hit the road, you would always meet people earlier than you, but chances were you would get to work in time or on time or some minutes after time- you know these things. I said my prayers, thought about working out a bit, but waved the thought aside, yeah! That's what living in Lagos does to you, it messes up your work-life balance, by eliminating the life in the equation. The thing is some of us are so used to the life that we think it's normal. A quick shower, and as usual, by 5:05am I was ready to hit the roads, I decided to use the RX350 today, my beautiful baby, the love of my life, my sweetheart, but she wouldn't start. I wasn't even ready to bother about that. Plan B was the Taurus, it started alright, but what the fuel gauge was indicating was not encouraging. I had always warned Boye about borrowing my car and not topping it up with fuel after use. N

True Confessions of a Humper and Humpee (18+)

I stared out the window, as I sipped a cup of black coffee, damn! The coffee was good, if there was one thing my receptionist, aside being the best user of company WiFi and phone, she was good at brewing coffee. The day was bright, and I had hopes that it would be a good one. I took my seat behind my desk and checked my agenda for the day, I still had about two hours before the scheduled time for my first clients to show up. As I went through the file of the clients, my mind wandered far away, far far away to my country Nigeria. I wanted to practice medicine in Nigeria, I wanted to be there for my people, to take the hippocratic oath and save lives, but alas! healthcare was not in the government's agenda. My folks couldn't watch me allow my knowledge and skill go to waste, so I was sent back to the US Long story short, I was both a medical doctor and also a sex therapist. In no time, I discovered that sex therapy was actually lucrative, like I could charge as much as $500 pe