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Sex with my Twitter Follower

We had been chatting on Twitter for a while, we had a unique style of communicating: on the TL, we rarely interacted with each other, a few retweets here, some likes there, you could hardly see us comment on each other's Tweets. However, our DM was all shades of lit, that was our safe haven, the one place where we were so free that if it were possible, we could walk into each other's DMs in our birthday suits. There was this vibe between us that made it seem like we had known each other for years, we knew almost everything about each other, so much so that if anyone had seen our DM, nothing would have convinced the person that we had never met physically. We were so close that we were only a physical meeting away from dating, but neither of us wanted to rush it, we wanted to take our time. There are a lot of pretty Aunties on Twitter, but she, no, she was more than just a pretty one, from her pictures she had an alluring beauty, there was a sparkle in her enchanting eyes, her d