My Affair with Mama Didi

I grew up in Lagos, and I must say it has been an insightful experience for me. This story is hard for me 'cause I lived with a burden of guilt for a while as a result of my actions, but I'm over it, and I have accepted it all as past, and moved on.
I was raised in a Christian family and knew the word of God. at the time I had no idea whether I was just being morally upright, or I was indeed a Christian.
I stayed away from trouble as much as I could, and always tried to do what I felt was the right thing to do- yeah that was the way my life was.

We had this family friend called "Mama Didi", and she was so close she had access to every part of our house, whether we were home or not. She had two children for a husband that abandoned his home travelled to different states and started families with different women in different parts of the country. Mama Didi didn't want to take chances with her kids, so she sent them to live and study abroad, while she stayed back in Nigeria, making good money from her catering services.

Mama Didi became friends with our family when I was 10 years old, and she was a very pleasant woman. Her cooking was out of this world, and when she made cakes and other pastries, you would want more. She just needed to hear you were celebrating something, and she would come with food- yeah! that was the type of person she was. She taught me how to bake and cook some special meals.

At 18 years old, my innocence had gotten corrupted, and I had explored sex to some extent, even though I was trying to be morally sound. I had dark thoughts and unusual sexual fantasies, one of them being the desire to get sexually involved with pretty older women- I never told anyone about the fantasy, but secretly hoped it would happen, because I felt older women who were sexually active, would have more experience, and thus, would be more fun in bed.

One day, when I was 25, my parents had an emergency and had to travel, my siblings were in boarding school, so I was alone in the house. I thought about any female friend I could invite over, the ones that I really wanted to get down with stayed far, and so I decided against inviting anyone over and just went to the bathroom to take my bath. As the shower spray hit me, a porn shower scene came to my head, and my body reacted immediately, my pintle nodded, ready for action, but there was no action.
Even after the shower, the sexual images in my head just would not leave, and so the hard-on remained. I stepped out of the bathroom dried and naked. I whistled and walked into the living room to turn the TV on and enjoy my nakedness in peace.

Right there in the living room was Mama Didi bent over a sofa, watching a program. The arch of her back, the size of her behind, her fresh thighs and fine ebony legs and feet made me forget who she was, and my pintle loved the sight. We both looked at each other, and for a second I didn't know whether to run back or just pretend like it meant nothing.
"Jesus!" She said, her eyes fixed on my pintle.
"Goo-good Afternoon Ma" I muttered.
"Bobo, it's just 8:30 am, it's still morning" She said with a smirk. Standing upright, I realized she was even more beautiful than I had imagined (I had never imagined or paid attention to her looks before). Her boobs were full, she had hips for days, big bum, pretty face, and her eyes made people call her black Chinese. The more I stared, the more blood pumped to my pintle
"Goo-goo-good Morning Ma" I stuttered.
"Morning dear, all na greeting jare, Aunty and Uncle have gone to work?" She asked
"No, they traveled this morning" I answered.
"Ha! Hope no problem?" She asked
"No problem" I said, regaining my confidence.
"Okay, but how old man like you go dey waka naked ehn?" She asked with a smirk.
"I thought I locked the gate oo" I answered.
"Okay, come and lock the gate, I'll call Aunty later" She said as she turned to leave.
"Okay Ma" I answered and followed closely, my eyes took in her shape from behind, the swaying of her hips and the rhythmic jiggle of her bum sent fresh blood to my pintle. She turned abruptly and bumped into me, our reflexes had us holding each other to keep from falling.
"Haaa! Bobo have you no shame? You mean you came out into the compound naked?" She said, stepping away from me.
"I just love being naked when I'm alone" I answered with a small smile.
"Oh, I see, Bobo the nudist! Anyway call me if you get hungry, you have my number, yeah?" She asked
"No I don't, ehenn Mama Didi, when will you make red velvet cake? I want to learn" I said
"The other ones wey I don teach you, which one you do?" She asked with a raised eyebrow?
"I'm gathering the knowledge Ma" I answered with a smile.
"I hear. Anyway, I have a red velvet order I want to attend to now, you can come over. Please don't come naked" She said and pinched my cheek playfully. I noticed she looked at my pintle one more time and swallowed hard, then opened the gate and left.

The scent of her perfume lingered for a while after she left, and then my fantasy about getting down with an older woman came back "no, not with Mama Didi! How can you even think that?" a voice in my head said "but she digs your stuff though" another voice said, and then began the conflict of voices in my head. In the end I accepted that it was foolish and wrong of me to think about Mama Didi the way I did.

I walked to her house which was few houses away, and found her preparing to bake. She was dressed in her usual bum shorts and tank top, that's the way she always dressed when she was at home, but that day, I saw the dressing differently, a voice in my head said "Ebony Milf....", I shut the voice out and just concentrated on what I was being taught, and truth be told, the concentration was barely there.
"So you want to go into this business?" She asked.
"No ooo" I answered
"Oh! You want to impress your babe abi?" She asked
"Hahaha, no babe Ma" I answered, as I watched her work "see those beautiful fingers, imagine what it would feel like..." a voice was saying in my head again.
"Old man like you? Bobo, don't lie to me, our discussion is between two of us. So show me her picture" She said with a smile that just made me feel like holding her "Damn! She's even prettier than I thought, dude just imagine looking into that pretty face while thrusting away. Imagine what her face would look like in ecstasy" the voice in my head was saying.
"Honestly, there's no one Ma" I answered.
"So you mean to tell me all those old women I see you entering hotels with, nothing happened?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.
"hahaha, Aunty I have never even been to a hotel in my life" I answered.
"Hmmm! Bobo, all those your Facebook posts that older women are better? What about them?" she asked, as she bent down to put the cake in the oven. The shape of her bum sent currents through my body "brrrrr! Dayummm! Look at that! Mama mia! Bumble Bum" the voice in my head.
"Oh, I meant- yeah I meant they are better though, I feel like the TLC is better... and.... " I was spilling, when I realized I didn’t even have a Facebook account.
"And?" She asked with what looked like a mischievous smirk. "Here's your cue man, make it count!" the voice in my head said "Don't take the cue, it will end in tears" another voice said. One look at her fine face and mammaries had me taking the first advice.
"And they are more experienced in the art of intense coitus" I answered, swallowing hard and immediately feeling like an asshole "way to go bro! You're the man" the voice in my head said. . I braced myself for a serious reprimand, but instead she laughed heartily.
"I'm curious Bobo, how did you get this? Experience?" she asked, as we cleaned the kitchen counter.
"No, I haven't" I answered shyly.
"Do you want to?" She asked, placing her soft palm on my hand and smiling. The feeling of her palm on my skin sent tingles through my body "You've got this bro" the voice said again "it will end in tears" the other voice said.
"I ermm, hmmm I would, isn't the cake ready?" I answered, wanting to change the topic.
"Bobo, I just put it in. Anyway, you know every of our actions have consequences, that's why you need to be deliberate about your actions, and most times it could include going after what you really want" She said and walked into the living room with a pack of ice cubes. I sat there for a while pondering what she told me "Bro, don't  overthink this, go, hold her hand" the voice in my head advised "I repeat, it will end in tears" the other voice said.
I went into the living room and found her pouring herself a glass of wine.
"Want some?" She asked with a wink.
"Alcohol messes my system up" I answered.
"Bobo, relax, it's fruit wine, I don't do alcohol too" She said.
"Oh!" I said.
"Help yourself" She added and lay on the sofa.
I turned her sound system on, connected my phone and had some soft old school music playing.
"You must send these songs to me oo" She said. "Dude, do something, go pull her up to dance" the voice in my head said. "Don't do it" the second voice said. I walked up to where she lay, and stretched my right hand to her.
"Dance?" I asked. She smiled so sweetly that I couldn't help but say "you're so beautiful... Ma"
"Awwn, see my Bobo. Thanks dear. Yes, let's dance" She said.
We danced and it felt so good, having her soft self in my arms. "tell her she smells so good" the voice in my head said. "You're throwing caution to the wind" the other voice said.
"You smell so good Ma" I said.
"Thanks Bobo, I'm tempted to say don't add the Ma, but it could get in your head and mess things up" She said with a wink.
"I understand Ma" I answered.
"Are you comfortable?" She asked
"Yes, I am" I answered
"You sure, I feel you're a little tense" She replied as we danced slowly. To show I wasn't tense, I let my hands slip to her bum, and then looked at her face. I just lost it, held her face and kissed her, my hands grabbing her big backside. She pushed me away, breathing real hard.
"We shouldn't be doing this, she said, holding her head and trying to stabilize her breathing.
"I-I am sorry Ma" I said quickly, opening the door and running out. I remembered my phone and went back in to pick my phone. Without knocking, I opened the door and found Mama Didi with her bum short down and her top off, and her hand between her legs.
"Lock the door behind you and come" she whispered. Like a zombie I did as she said. The sight of her naked made my pintle hard, her ebony skin looking so good.
"Do you really want to do this?" She asked. At that point, my pintle took over and was in charge of my thoughts and speech.
"Yes Yes Ma... I want to take you, all of you, right here, right now!" my pintle said through my mouth "Oh wow! Dude I didn’t know you had that in you" the voice in my head said, and the other voice was quiet.
Without further ado, I knelt and kissed her right there on the sofa, my hand rubbing her thighs, with her body quivering from my gentle touches.
"You know, you know you're awakening a beast that has been asleep for years" she muttered as I kissed her neck and fondled her nipples. She let out a soft moan as I nibbled on both nipples and my finger slid down between her thighs. Her scent filled my nostrils and she smelt so good that I felt like having her all day everyday.
" oh baby...mmmm" She muttered. There I was living out my dark fantasy, and like the voice in my head had advised earlier, I wanted to make every second count. I spread her thick thighs apart and looked at the pink entrance of her inner chamber, she rubbed it with her fine manicured fingers, and that had me more aroused than usual, but I was determined not to rush it. She raised her legs up, and her pretty feet set my foot fetish in a frenzy.
"You're perfect from your head to your toes" I said as I kissed her toes.
"Take me bobo, right here right now!" she muttered.
I licked her inner thighs, up to her vulva, I could feel her spasms as I spread her labia and tongued her, while I was busy eating her out, she gave me the best foot job ever. She held my head down there and her juice flowed like it was a spring.
"Shit! Wooo!" she screamed and sprayed my face with cum, and then she rolled on to the floor rubbing her clit hard and releasing more sprays. After a while, she relaxed and motioned me to join her on the floor.
"Bobo, I want to feel you in me now" she whispered. I kissed her and rubbed the shaft of my phallus on her vulva.
"Wait! Did you bring condoms?" She asked.
"I-I didn't know I...."
 I was talking when she pulled my head to kiss me. As we kissed, I eased my pintle slowly into her oil well, and it felt so good, too too good, the wetness, the tightness, her soft body, her moans, the spasms with each thrust, all went into my head, and in less than 2 minutes I came. That was the most embarrassing moment of my life, I felt really terrible, and she could sense my disappointment in myself.
"Don't worry Bobo, it happens that way sometimes, I'm even glad my body still has that power" She said with a wink and a smile, as she stroked my pintle.
"The cake?" I asked.
"Oh Yes! That's true. Let's go check it out. I have some milk and bananas in the fridge too" She answered.
That day I learned about the power of milk and bananas, because my performance on the kitchen floor was much better than the living room. We had sex over and over again that day, and when I got home, guilt took over me and I felt so worthless, I wept, I don't know how to explain how I was feeling, but I hated myself for sleeping with Mama Didi that day. Two days later, we were romping on my bed and enjoying ourselves, and so we continued sexing for a while. She was sweet no doubt, she was sex-starved after many years of not having sex, and the truth is she was not the predator, I was the one who always went to her for more, even though I always had the guilt to deal with after each session.

One day we heard rumors that Mama Didi was pregnant, and had shamefully left the area. I had never been more scared and confused in my life. She left without a trace, without even confiding in my parents or letting them know she was going. She disappeared without a trace. I was scared for my future, and the family issues that would arise if it was discovered that I had a child with Mama Didi- I couldn't even think about what would happen if that was the case. Rhe second voice in my head kept saying "I told you it would end in tears"

I lived with that guilt and shame for a very long time, and it was eating me deep because there was no one I could tell about it. Years later, still with the guilt and shame, I relocated to the United States, and one day while shopping at a grocery store, I bumped into her and froze when I saw her with a child that looked like me.
"My Bobo!" She said and hugged me. I looked at the child and her.
"He's a fine boy" I said, my stomach already churning from the thoughts going on in my head.
"Oh, wait till you see the Dad, meanwhile how's Aunty and Uncle? Bobo, I know I offended them, please give me their numbers, they'll understand when I explain what happened to them" She said. I  was stuck at the part where she said something about the Dad of the child, and I was tempted to ask "Oh so I'm not the Dad?", but I just smiled.
"Oh there you are" A male voice said behind me. I turned round to see someone who looked like an older and  muscular version of me, and I was speechless.
"Yeah Babe, meet Bobo, the son of my adopted Aunty and Uncle in Lagos" Mama Didi explained with a smile and a wink.
"Wow! He'll pass for me when I was younger. Hey! Man, heard so much good stuff about your folks" He said.

I was invited to dinner at their place, but never honored the invitation. Even though I felt better about the fact that she never had a child by me, it took confessing to God and a Pastor to get the guilt and shame away from me.


  1. Fabulously interesting! I look forward to more interesting reads..

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  3. Did you say an older version of you?

  4. Interesting. Nice writing style.

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