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Madam HR

It was a Friday night, I stayed back at work after everyone had left, to run the organization's server updates, so that no bugger in the form of a director or any member of staff working weekends would bother my weekend. I checked my laptop to see the movies I was downloading... and added more to the download. Damn! I loved my job as an I.T. guy, perks- the best WiFi for free!!!, now before you scuff at me, I understand your resentment for I.T. guys & especially H.R., well, in my case I was different. I was not one to hide the good WiFi password from you if you asked, I was not one to tell you to pay tens of thousands to install an Antivirus program that the company paid for, & I also was not one to smile mischievously or frown when called upon to attend to a colleague's system, I did it all with joy, and that made me very loved by all, except the new HR boss, I had reasons to believe she hated me with passion,and as such, I avoided her like a plague.  I had my weekend

The Chronicles of Papi: Back in Lagos

Papi- Back in Lagos My mission to the village did not go as planned. The original plan was to storm the village and impress those villagers, but the reverse was the case, I was oppressed out of the village by my parents and cousins, but I did not allow that depress me, rather I was determined to just go back to Lagos and brood (Were you expecting some motivational desire to inspire so you can acquire what you require before you retire without getting tired crap?) The trip to the village was awesome and comfortable, even though my heart was in my mouth throughout the flight, but you see the trip back to Lagos- My God! I suffered, I mean I saw terrible things on the bus I boarded. It all started when a woman with 5 children got on the bus and paid for only the space she was occupying, and without asking whether I was okay with the arrangement, she asked me to carry two of the children, two squeezed themselves between us, while she carried the last child. It was one ordeal to d