The Shared Secret

The Shared Secret

By Bonnie

Lauretta was nervous, they had been friends for about 6 months and even though he knew everything about her, he hadn’t seen this one thing. He had assured her that he could handle it. He told her to trust him and have faith.
Lauretta had met Julian at a mutual friend’s party and since they both only knew the host at the party, it’s safe to say they bonded over their shared circumstance. That night, they had laughed and danced and he even offered to drop her off at home. Even though she was skeptical, she had given him the benefit of the doubt and she was glad she did. He had been a complete gentleman, driving her home, walking her to her gate and waiting there until he heard her lock up before leaving. She had never experienced such a level of chivalry among the men she had dated and even the ones she was friends with. The most anyone had done was wait in their car until she got into her gate before zooming off. Julian was different and that stuck. It hadn’t taken much for her to fall asleep after having a bath that night and she had woken up the next morning to a simple but sweet text message from him letting her know he had gotten home safely and that it was a real pleasure meeting her the night before. She had responded to the message and proceeded to go about her daily routine when somewhere in-between, another message from him came in. It was goofy and it compelled her to respond. That was how it all started. They talked and exchanged messages all day, every single day from then on. There was also the occasional hangouts until……..
Julian had asked her to dinner one lovely evening and while they were out, he had spilled the beans. He had fallen for her and wanted a relationship. It was not planned according to him, it had just happened. Lauretta had panicked in that instant but she did well to keep it hidden. She had told him the truth then and there. She was a freak, insatiable. Her sexual tastes were beyond normal and he won’t be able to cope. He said he would but she just shook her head. That was what they all said until they had a taste, couldn’t cope with it and they left.
Today was the day. The day she was going to show him the truth about herself. This way, she figured it was still early enough for him to decide if he wanted to stay after everything or not. This way, it would not hurt her as much as it had in the past. This way, she was in charge.
They had agreed to lunch and she had been flirting with him all morning, texting with sexual innuendos and getting both him and herself all riled up. It was fun, she felt free and open with him, there was nothing to hide, at least there wouldn’t be after today.
She walked into the restaurant and paused for a minute at the door scanning around the room for him, she spotted him seated at a corner booth, he was bent over looking at his phone. At that moment, he raised his head and their eyes met. Something passed between them and a shiver ran through her body. She swallowed, donned a small smile and began to talk towards him. She noticed him looking her up and down and it made her feel sexy and turned on. She felt the moisture between her legs and her nipples got hard.
She was wearing a red sleeveless dress that had a V cut at the neck, showing off a bit of cleavage and a deep V that got to the middle of her back behind. Her slim waist was emphasized with a black and gold belt, the skirt of her dressed draped lovingly over the generous curve of her hips and went down to just slightly below her knee, a slit made its way about 6 inches up her left tight flashing a bit of her creamy skin with every step she took. The click of her 5-inch black stilettos seemed to resonate all over the restaurant. Her hair was in short soft waves, framing her face, her make-up simple and nude. She knew she looked radiant and sexy.
Julian stood as soon as she got to the table and the greeted each other with a peck on the cheek. Lauretta caught a whiff of his scent sighed; he smelled so good, she just wanted to bury her face in his neck and inhale deeply.
They sat and a waiter appeared immediately taking their orders. They both seemed to recognize that something was hanging in the air today and so they ordered strong cocktails to go with their food. Even though it was afternoon, the day was cast and clouded and so the corner booth is dim. They both noticed that the slit on Lauretta’s dress is open and she smiled to herself.
The drinks arrive and after a few sips, she relaxes enough to breathe. They get talking and she gets bold. She takes one foot out of her shoe and begins to run it along his leg. He gives her a raised eyebrow look and she responds with a daring one. He crooks his forefinger beckoning her to move closer and she does, then he whispers in her ear……….. “Damn you’re beautiful”.
Her breath catches in her throat, she licks her lips and gives a nervous thank you in response. He’s smiling at her and while she’s still staring at him, she feels him palm hot on her left tight. She gasps as he begins to trace invisible patterns across her skin. Everywhere his fingers touch quickly catch fire. Her breathing quickens and there’s an intense throbbing between her legs and she tries to close up her tights against the pressure but Julian isn’t having any of that. He puts his hand between her tights and gently pushes them open. His hand is inching up her tight, going higher until it just brushes against her panties, against that throbbing spot. Lauretta is panting and then out of nowhere, the waiter arrives with their food. Relief and frustration flood Lauretta as Julian withdraws his hand and gives her a look that says “thank your stars”. She responds with a look of her own that says “bite me”.
They enjoy their lunch in peace, picking bits of food off of each other’s plates, still flirting and sipping on their cocktails. As soon as the plates get cleared away, Julian whispers in Lauretta’s ear……….. “Where were we?”
Her breath hitches and she gets instantly wet. Before she gets a chance to respond, his hand is back on her tight…. Back to tracing patterns only his fingers know…… back to inching its way up towards the center of that throbbing. Her heart rate is increasing. Julian’s fingers reach her panties and he pushes it aside not missing a beat. He feels he moisture between her legs and he begins to rub at her center. Lauretta bites her lips and grabs the hand he has resting on the table. He’s still rubbing her and the grip she has on his hand is getting tighter. He slightly increases his tempo and she can’t take it anymore, she reaches down and strokes at his crotch she hears his breath catch and she pulls away.
She pushes his hand away from her and finishes off her cocktail in one motion. He looks at her confused and she says “let’s get out of here.” They hurriedly pay the bill and make their way to the car.
As soon as they’re cruising on the expressway, Lauretta resumes stroking at Julian’s crotch. Its broad daylight but she really doesn’t care. He’s begging her to stop but she doesn’t listen, she’s stroking him and rubbing herself. He groans and pulls her hands off ordering her to stop. Lauretta blinks at him in surprise. She has never seen this authoritative side of him before. It turns her on even more but she does stop and sits back smiling at herself, wondering what other surprises lay ahead.
They get to his apartment and he parks. Julian opens the front door for her and she walks in, as soon as he shuts it behind him, he grabs her, spins her to face him and kisses her deeply. Lauretta is shocked but she responds happily to his kisses, purring into his mouth, making him groan and deepen the kiss even more. Her hands find their way into his hair and his are roaming her body.
Julian unhooks her belt and lets it drop to the floor the reaches for the zipper of her dress. He pulls it down slowly, exposing her skin inch by inch, he pushes her dress off her shoulders and steps back from kissing her to watch it drop from her body.
The dress pools at Lauretta’s feet and she steps out of it. Her eyes never leaving his face. She’s wearing a matching set of black lace bra and panties. She watches as his gaze rakes her body and she sees the desire and hunger wash over him. She walks to him, takes a hold of his shirt at the waist and pulls it out of his jeans. She undoes every single button and then pushes the shirt off his shoulders. She then pulls his inner shirt slowly up his body, he raises his hands above his head to help her and she gets the shirt off.
She begins to run her hands over his body, from his chest to his nipples, his navel, until they reach the edge of his jeans. She keeps her eyes locked in his as she proceeds to unhook his belt, unbutton his jeans and push them down his legs. Julian hurriedly kicks off his shoes helping her take off his jeans.
Lauretta gets on her knees to completely get his jeans off and without getting up from that position, she looks up at him, licks her lips, takes his staff out of his briefs and lovingly slides it into her mouth. He’s bigger than she anticipated but she slides him in slowly, gently expanding her mouth until she accommodates the full length of him. She hears him gasp but she doesn’t care. He begins to shower attention and love on his staff licking and sucking, twirling her tongue over the tip and taking him again deep into her mouth. Her hand his massaging his balls and his fingers are in her hair, guiding her. She takes him out of her mouth, looks up at him while still stroking him and while maintaining eye contact, takes his balls into her mouth…… one at a time. He groans and closes his eyes and she does the same, sucking on his balls and stroking him in one motion. She continues to do this lovingly and attentively, alternating between his balls and his staff.
Julian’s head is spinning, the things that Lauretta is doing with her tongue cannot be normal, it should be illegal. He can’t take it anymore. He grabs her and pulls her up till she’s standing and kisses her with all of the emotions he has coursing through him. She responds to his kisses opening up to let his tongue explore the crevice of her mouth. She tastes absolutely delightful, like an elixir, he wants more. His hands find its way to her bra and he unhooks them, he pulls them off and proceeds to lift her upon his body. She wraps her legs around his waist and he moves them to his bedroom.
He lays her gently on the bed and she looks up at him, dragging herself further into the bed. He has that look of hunger and desire in his eyes. This thrills Lauretta and she gets even wetter. He crawls over her slowly, in a predatory manner until they’re face to face. He kisses her again, invading her mouth with his tongue. He begins to trail kisses over her face, down to that sensitive spot on her neck, to her shoulders, her chest, her breast, her nipples, he lingers there are paying homage to them. Worshiping them. She kisses and sucks each nipple, taking each one in his mouth gently, hungrily. She’s gasping and panting, eyes close, and she’s pushing her breast further into his mouth. His lips leave there and go even further down. To her tummy, her navel, the edge of her panties.
He pauses, looks up at her, hooks his hands in her panties, slides them all the way down her legs, takes off her stilettos and tosses aside her panties. He comes back up and resumes his trail of kisses. Starting from the juncture between her tights, making his way down one of her legs slowly, ever so slowly. It’s agonizing for her and she raises her body up to watch what he’s doing. He pays her no mind and continues. He goes own one leg and makes his way up the other leg in the same agonizingly slow manner.
Kissing every inch of her. Her toes, ankles, calves, behind her knees, her tights, inside her tights…… she closes her eyes as she relishes it….. And then a kiss lands smack at her center. At the impact of the heat from his mouth, her eyes fly open to meet his. He’s looking at her with a smirk on his face. It annoys her and yet at the same time, it thrills her. He brushes his tongue over her clit and her body jerks. He buries his face between her legs and proceeds to suck at her core. He licks and sucks…….. Holding on to her waist………… Pinning her in place. She’s arching her back………… One hand in his hair and the other grabbing the sheets. Her mind is spinning……… She feels this tension rising inside her……….. She feels like she’s going crazy. She’s thrashing about on the bed…… begging……pleading “Julian, oh Julian please, I want, I want, please Julian, fuck, please…….. Ahhhhhhhh” she screams as an orgasm rocks through her. Her head rolls back and waves after wave washes through her, her body is pulsing.
Julian reaches up, and just as she’s descending from that orgasmic wave, he slides his staff inside her. She gasps at the feel of it. It feels so good to her. He slides in slowly, allowing her to expand to accommodate him. When he’s fully sheathed inside her, he leans down, kisses her and begins to move. He withdraws slowly and then slides back inside her. She raises her hips in rhythm to match his movements. He begins to increase his tempo and he matches him. They’re in a silent competition matching each other’s every movement.
He turns over and takes her with him. She’s seated on top of him, saddling him. She begins to ride him, slowly at first, letting him feel every rise and fall movement of her hips. Then she moves faster, throwing caution to the wind, she begins to ride him……… faster………. Harder…….. higher. She reaches behind to massage his balls while she rides him. He groans and pushes his hips up to match her. His hands are on her waist………. holding her down. She’s riding faster…………. he’s pushing up harder……….. she can feel another orgasm coming over her. She’s screaming………… he’s cursing, “cum for me Lauretta”……….. The orgasm explodes inside her and he pulls her close into a hug letting her ride the wave….. “That’s a good girl”. Just as she’s coming down, he begins to thrust again.
Lauretta is moaning and moving with him again. Julian kisses her and smiles, rocking his hips and increasing the tempo again. While still holding her, he turns over so she’s underneath him then raises her legs and places them on his shoulders. His eyes are locked on hers and he thrusts into her at an achingly slow pace, so slow that frustration nearly cripples her. He increases his tempo and then slows down again. He's taunting her……….. driving her crazy.
He withdraws from her and flips her over, hiking her beautifully shaped ass into the air. He pushes her back down onto the bed and drives himself into her moist, soft heat. He’s pounding into her making her go mad. She's grabbing the sheets……… pushing her ass back to meet each thrust he makes. He spanks her and bites into the pillow. It stings but she loves it……… he spanks her again and she gets wetter. She can feel another orgasm building up. He spanks her again and she pulls at the sheets. He takes her hands and pins them down on the bed……….. Still pounding her………. he’s watching her……….. drilling her.
“That’s it, cum for me, break it loose” ………….her toes are curling up………… “Juliiiiiaaaaaaaan” her hands are pinned own……… she can’t grab hold of anything……… The intensity grows………… He groans “uuuhhhhh Laurettaaaaaaaa” …………….they both cum at the same time. The dam breaking and letting them both loose together. The waves washing over them as they ride it like one.
They stay there silent for a while and then Lauretta breaks into laughter. He joins her and after their laughter dies she says “thank you, for that. I’ve wanted that for so long.” He smiles and replies “I’m here for you anytime, my sweet Lauretta.”


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