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Imperfectly Perfect Flaws

Imperfectly Perfect Flaws I sat in my office, and kept staring at the time. It felt like time had suddenly taken several steps backwards “wasn’t it five minutes more to clock off, like 10 minutes ago?” I asked myself. A quick check through my backpack to make sure I was not leaving anything behind, made me realize I had forgotten my laptop charger, I picked it up and made to leave the office “from here to the biometric scanner plus clocking out will take the 2 minutes left, and then I’ll be able to shout thank God it’s Friday – cheers to the freaking weekend”. Just as I opened the door of my office to step out, I met Madam HR at the door trying to come in. “One and only Madam HR!” I greeted. “Please Wale, don’t tell me you’re leaving” She answered “Happy Weekend Ma!” I said and stepped out of the office. “But you’re still on duty” She said, and I stopped in my tracks and turned to face her, while also looking at the illuminated clock down the corridor. “34, 35, 36…” I counte