The Tale of Jack and Mimi

Crime had increased in the city, corruption was the order of the day, lawlessness was on the high, and no one wanted to be held accountable. It was safe to say humans rather than evolve to higher beings with amazing abilities, were only concerned about creating and implementing things that would lead to the gradual annihilation of the human race, but there was one person who was not bothered; he only lived for the moment, his name: Jack.
 “I just cooked this up yo! I call it the strawberry mint express” Jack said as he rolled a joint.
“Yo Blaad! That las’ joint ya done did tha’ las time we was up in here was tha’ shiznit man, I don see them po-po onna tha’ highway, and parked behind ‘em, I step out and be like, yo’ gentlemen good jab, good jab, don’t be shooting no niggas like me ‘cause me black” Jones said.
“You did what? Damn dude! That was from a movie, you was so high, you slept on that frigging couch for 2 whole long days man. Ode!” Bolu said.
“Blad clat! You mean that shi’ ain’t happen inna this realm? I musta gotten inta tha Episcopal realm of Haile Selassie” Jones added
“Selassie kill you there! Episcopal ko, Pablo Escobar ni” Bolu added.
Jack lit the joint, and passed it to his guys.
“Dayuuummm! Brada, this here man finna be the best weed ever man” Jones said, as he coughed and passed the joint to Bolu.
“Jack, are you sure we shouldn’t go into this business for exports too?” Bolu asked, talking about the weed.
“We’re already involved in too many illegal stuff, it would be hard to stay safe” Jack answered.
“Oh well” Bolu said.
“There will be a drop off at the dock 0400hours, we are supposed to pick them and deliver to this location” Jack said as he pointed to a piece of paper on the table
“Blaad! Me finna want another af this joint” Jones said
“Amugbo oshi, your mates are playing guitars with their dada, you’re here looking for another joint” Bolu responded.
“Peace on ya son af Babylon” Jones said
“Daa pada! Same to you” Bolu replied
“Guys! Jones there will be no more till the job is done, I’ll need you to focus” Jack said
“So, what’s the plan?” Bolu asked
“We will go in separate vans, one will contain the packages, and the other two will be decoys, there’s an old tunnel few meters from the drop off, when we pick the package up, we’ll get to the tunnel, take the package out and go down the sewers” Jack explained
“But if we had any one follow us, using an abandoned tunnel would raise suspicions” Bolu added
“That’s why we will park beside one of those tunnel emergency exit doors, break something if we have to, and make them think we went through the door, and by the time they think about the sewers and moving the vehicles, we would be long gone” Jack said.
“Jack fi be a son af Zion, a wise man like me” Jones said.
“If that’s the plan, remind me why we are using three vans again?” Bolu said
“Bolu keep up, one van would be easy to intercept by whoever is out there, before it gets to the tunnel” Jack said
“Oh Yeah! That’s right” Bolu said
“Bolu finna need some smoke to open his mind ta Shangrila” Jones said.
“Olodo! Shang-ri-la is an imaginary paradise, get some education dude” Bolu replied
“Pfft! You don gat all tha ejucashan in tha worl’ and ya a criminal like me with na school shit- we’s equal bra” Jones said, and let out an annoying laughter to piss Bolu off.
“Weyrey omo!” Bolu said, while trying hard not to show that he was pissed.
“Get ready, we are moving out in 5” Jack announced
“But it’s for 4 am, and it’s just 12 am” Bolu said
“It’s a stake out, you can have a nap in the van when we get to the stake out spot, here’s a pack of gum to keep you awake” Jack answered, as he took a bubble gum out of the pack and handed it over to Bolu.
Jack checked his guns to make sure they were loaded and ready for sudden action, Bolu and Jones did the same. They ran through the plan again before the three vans pulled out of the garage, and drove down to a secluded spot very close to the docks, where they could easily monitor the activities happening on the docks without getting noticed.
“Y’all keep your radios open, and stay sharp” Jack instructed
“Aye Boss man” Jones replied
“Hey Bolu” Jack called over the radio
“Yeah” Bolu answered
“I’m quitting this life, and going into real estate” Jack said
“Same shit you said a millionth time Oga” Bolu said
“I’m serious this time, I dey run go Naija back go start business” Jack said
“Dude don’t stress my ears abeg” Bolu said
“The po-po ain’t zzzzzzzzzzzz kuuurrrrrr zzzzzzzzzz” Jones, was sleep talking
“Oh no, not again today, Jones!” Jack
“I’m gonna turn this shit off” Bolu said
“Wait! You don’t think I am serious about quitting?” Jack asked
“Jack you’re the devil himself, how do you quit being a devil? Now don’t bore me with this talk again, or I’ll knock your teeth off” Bolu added
“I’m tired of the life mehn, the kills, the drugs, the time, the guns, I’m tired of the life man” Jack said over the radio.
“What’s the package?” Bolu asked
“Coke in three backpacks” Jack answered
“And when we get in the sewers?” Bolu asked
“A vehicle will be on hand to do the exchange” Jack answered.
“Okay, Now can I get some quiet?” Bolu asked
“I thought we were connecting on some heart to heart stuff man” Jack
“Abi aiye e fe baje ni? No, Jack do you want to be unfortunate today?” Bolu asked
“No sir, no vex” Jack said. A click from the comm device indicated Bolu had shut the radio off. Jack looked to his right at were Bolu was parked, and blew a kiss at Bolu, who in turn responded with a five fingered gesture known in Nigeria as ‘waka’.
Back at the DEA, their sources had informed them about the drop off, and they were preparing to bust the deal.
“What do we have?” Mr. Finch asked, as he twisted his long bushy moustache.
“The package is supposed to be ready for pickup and transportation at 0400 hours” Debra answered
“Any surveillance?” Finch asked
“Do we have any info on who the picker is supposed to be?” Mr. Finch asked
“Yes Sir, here’s his file, his name is Jack” Debra said, as she handed Jack’s file to the DEA head.
“Oh my! How is this fella still free and alive with all these crimes?”
“He has done time, and has always eluded the police since he got out of prison” Debra explained.
“We are getting him today, and putting him away for good!” Mr. Finch said.
“Yes, but how?” Debra asked
“Get Mimi, and ask her to get her team here now!’ Finch instructed.
Back at the three vans, Jack looked at the other two vans and saw Bolu and Jones were asleep. He knew a lot about this drop that they didn’t know. He fogged up the van’s windows, and when he could not see a thing outside, he went through to the back of the van, picked up his backpack and quietly stepped out of the back of the van, he used the cover of the trees and darkness to make his way down to the docks, he retrieved the package from where it was dropped, found his prearranged boat, got in and rowed away till he was far away from the dock, and then he started the boat’s engine and went away.
At the DEA office, Mimi stepped into her boss’s office.
“Mimi, we have a situation, and I’m handing the case over to you” Mr. Finch said, as he debriefed Mimi about the drop off and the plan to nab those involved right there at the dock.
“I don’t think that is a good idea” Mimi said
“Catching them at the dock?” Mr. Finch asked
“Yes, I’ll suggest we tail them after they have picked up the package” Mimi suggested
“Why?” asked Mr. Finch
“They are delivering to someone right? We nab whoever is making the pickup and delivery, and also the person or persons the package is being delivered to” Mimi said.
“That’s brilliant! Alright then, here’s the file of the person making the pickup, his name is Jack, and his record makes me wonder why and how he’s still alive and walking free” Mr. Finch said, as he handed Jack’s file to Mimi. The mention of the name ‘Jack’ sent shivers down Mimi’s spine, and she was visibly shaken, but she hoped when she opened the file, it would not be who she thought it was, which was very unlikely.
“Mimi, are you okay?” Mr. Finch asked
“Nothing that a quick cup of coffee can’t cure Sir” Mimi replied with a wink and a feigned smile.
“Alright, do what you have to do quickly, the drop off is at 4am” said Mr. Finch
Different thoughts coursed through Mimi’s mind as she made her way to the briefing room where her team was waiting, one glimpse at Jack’s folder triggered an emotional alarm.
“Excuse me guys” Mimi said, as she hurriedly left the room and went into the rest room to let the tears roll. She wondered if nemesis was finally catching up with her, perhaps karma had looked her way and intended to punish her for her past life of sin. Even her present life wasn’t entirely devoid of sin, she kept switching between good cop-bad cop, but tended to be more of a good cop, because she was only bad cop when she had to choose between two bads in a case, she would bring both bads down and take out of the bootie to assist war torn and underdeveloped countries in different parts of the world, while also keeping some dirty money for herself.
Mimi did not come from a wealthy home; she wanted a better life for herself and her family, so she got involved in a lot of illegal activities to raise funds, and it was during one of her numerous illegal escapades that she met Jack. They met at a concert, and she loved him instantly, that night Jack gave her the best sex of her life first in his car, and when they got to his hotel room, he introduced her to the drug ‘Ecstacy’. She remembered vividly how he had her in the shower, her body pressed against the shower cubicle, his sensual kisses on her neck, the way he cupped her perky breasts and flicked the nipples, the feel of his phallus deep within her as he kept thrusting, his grunts and tenseness when he released his seed in her, and his quick turnaround time for multiple rounds of sex. Jack introduced her to a whole new level of living the underworld life, a life of scams, drugs and alcohol, sex and orgies, guns and killings, oaths and rituals, but she fell in love, she was in love with the devil, and wanted the Bonnie and Clyde kind of life and he capitalized on that to control her and make her do his bidding at all times, even if it meant eating his ass out in front of his supposed associates, or sucking their cocks one after the other while he watched with his evil yet charming grin. She became Jack’s toy and was easily manipulated by him, he would give her share of the cash after operations, but always found a way to collect the money from her when he told her she was broke. Mimi became a drug, alcohol, and sex addict, and would go to any lengths to get what she wanted, and Jack loved the monster he was creating. One day he set her up to take a fall for him, a fall that would have seen her sent to a high profile prison for a crime she did not commit, Jack had wired a million dollars to her offshore account to make her agree to the deal, but she knew he would get into her account and get all the money back the moment she was away, so she wired the money to a secret account, and snitched on Jack to the DEA. Jack was caught and made to pay for his crimes by sending him to the penitentiary, but his legacy of addictions stayed with her and haunted her every day of her life. She got into rehab and after a year of dealing with her addictions, she came clean and was free to go into a Jack-free world, and she vowed to bring down more men like Jack, she wished she could have that mind blowing sex with Jack one last time, then stab him multiple times for breaking her the way he did. She had a lot of valuable information about the underworld, the DEA took her in and trained her till she became the bad-ass DEA agent she had become, and she was ruthless when bringing criminals down.
As Mimi stared at her face in the restroom’s mirror, she wondered why and how Jack had gotten out of prison. One thing was sure though, if he found out she was in the same city as him, he would hunt her to get the one million dollars, and being the cunning bastard that he was, he could rope her in with that money, and make her lose everything as revenge for snitching on him. She knew what she had to do, she resolved to bring him down one way or another, without her team, and with that decision, she proceeded to the briefing room to debrief her team members.
It was 4 am, a team of FBI operatives were already at the old tunnel waiting for the arrival of the 3 vans, cop cars had blocked off the nearest exits before the tunnel, Mimi and her team got to the vans and met FBI agents there too.
“What’s happening here?” She asked.
“And who are you?” Agent Dolly of the FBI asked
“Mimi, DEA” Mimi answered as she flashed her DEA badge
“The bastard got away again” Agent Dolly answered.
“How did this happen?” Mimi asked
“Our undercover agent who has been on the case for two years as Jack’s right hand man was drugged to sleep, and we are suspecting the bubble gum, ‘cause we found the pack open in his hand” Agent Dolly answered
“And the third guy?” Mimi asked
“Checked him out, he’s an undercover CIA that got knocked out on weed mixed with fluothane, methoxyflurane, and neothyl, he’s still heavily sedated” The FBI agent explained.
“So Jack was between an FBI and CIA agent all this time, and y’all could not get him? Wow!” Mimi exclaimed.
“If the DEA had done their job, we wouldn’t be here” Agent Dolly retorted.
“Well, I don’t see any DEA agent here who’s knocked out on drugs though. Keep up or stay off! Don’t go messing it up for us again, will ya?” Mimi said as she went to Bolu who was already awake.
“Hey Big guy” Mimi said to Bolu
“Who the hell are you?” Bolu asked
“Mimi, DEA.  I need your help, that bastard has to be brought down, and it does not matter who brings him down, what’s important is that we have one less notorious criminal to worry about. So, help me” Mimi said.
“You want me to give away two years of risking my life and constantly living under the fear of getting discovered?” Bolu asked.
“Jack knew who you were from day 1” Mimi replied
“And how do you know this?” Bolu asked
“Not the place and time to discuss all that. Will you help me or not? You’re already busted as far as Jack is concerned, and you are lucky you’re not dead with a bullet hole in your head, as is his style of execution” Mimi added.
“Here, take my phone, I planted a chip in his wristwatch, you can track him” Bolu said.
“You actually look smart. Thanks big man” Mimi pocketed the phone
“Get him, and protect my phone with your life” Bolu instructed
“You got it big man” Mimi said, and quietly left the scene when no one was watching.
Jack checked into a hotel, got to his room and emptied the content of the backpack. The drugs were intact, he just needed to deliver to the buyer, get his money transferred to an account, look for Mimi wherever she was in the world, get his one million dollars from her, and leave her with a headshot for all the suffering she put him through, and then go start a new life in Nigeria. He smiled at the genius he was for setting Bolu and Jones up, he was glad that he had eliminated them from the whole thing, and there would be no need to split the proceeds from the sale of the drugs with anyone. He went to the bar to get a drink, while he waited for the call.
Mimi left her team at the docks and went back home, put some clothes, her Glock 26 Gen5 gun with a suppressor, cuffs, and a dart gun into her backpack, another Glock on her waist, and a Ka-Bar knife in her boot. She checked Bolu’s phone and saw the gps locator had stopped moving, Jack was at a hotel. It was time for her to finally close the Jack chapter in her life.
Bolu thought about the events of the day, about Jack, and the drugs they found in the vans. It dawned on Bolu that Jack had no idea he was an undercover agent, rather he wanted to set them up.
“Son of a bitch! Hey Dolly” Bolu called out
“Yeah” Agent Dolly answered
“Track my phone number now!” Bolu said
“Why?” Agent Dolly asked
“Now’s not a good time to get on my nerves, Dolly” Bolu answered
“But…” Agent Dolly
“Track my phone this moment and give me the location” Bolu ordered
“You’re not in charge here” Agent Dolly retorted.
“If that DEA lady takes credit for my 2 years of undercover work on this case, you will get it so hot from me, you would wish you never joined the FBI. Now I’m not going to make that request a third time. I need an answer within the next minute” Bolu replied in a rather cool but dangerous voice. Less than a minute later, Bolu was in an FBI car, racing to the hotel where Mimi had just pulled in.
Mimi flashed her badge at the receptionist and asked for Jack’s room, and then she paid for the room opposite. She got to her room and thought up a plan, while fighting the urge to just burst into his room, and from the gps he was not in his room, if she knew Jack well, he was at the bar drinking. She was going to lure him to her room and get the deed done in there. She had an afterthought, Jack was not stupid, if he knew his partners were undercover agents, then it would be too much of a coincidence that her room was directly opposite his, and she did not want to take any chances, so she requested a room switch to the floor below Jack’s, and then went to the bar. It was so easy to find him, and she had to put up her best act.
“Oh my God! Jack! Are you kidding me? You’re here?” Mimi screamed. Jack was a little surprised, he looked around, and then gave his usual smile.
“Well I’ll be damned! Look who we have here! Mimi?” Jack responded, and Mimi wasn’t sure whether he was putting up an act too. They talked for a while, till she felt he had relaxed a little.
“You messed up dude, but I forgive you” Mimi said, as she gulped his drink
“You snitched on me.” Jack answered.
“Are you kidding me? You dare say that to me? Here I was thinking you were a changed person, you’re still a prick. Bye!” Mimi feigned annoyance and got up to leave.
“I’m sorry Mimi, please stay a while, do you still have that money?” Jack asked.
“This is not the place to discuss that” Mimi answered, while pretending to look around
“Your room?” Jack asked with a smirk
“You cocky bastard, I have missed this man” She grabbed his crotch with a seductive grin.
“Ohhh, not here Mimi, let’s go to your room” Jack said, as he looked around with a cocky smile
Jack was really excited, luck had brought Mimi his way, hence, everything had become even easier than he anticipated. All he needed to do was extract the information about the money from her, and kill her afterwards. He smiled as he followed her, and took the plan further by wanting to have sex with her one last time before he killed her.
Mimi made a mental note of the strategic places she had positioned her weapons in the hotel room, she could not understand what she was feeling, suddenly all the memories came rushing back, and she was filled with anger, rage, and weird as it may seem, she longed to have him in her one last time before she snuffed the evil life out of him, she wanted to channel some rage to the sex, and she hoped everything went as planned.
Finally both of them got into the Mimi’s room, and without wasting time, Mimi began to smother him with kisses, and soon she was on top riding the life out of him ferociously, she had not been able to get that sexual satisfaction she used to get from Jack since he was taken to prison, and since this was the last time she was going to have his veined phallus deep in her, she wanted to milk him to the last drop.
“Easy tiger” Jack said, as he tried to catch his breath, but Mimi was not having any of that, she intensified the rhythmic motion, shutting her eyes and facing up. It was too much for Jack to handle on his back, with a bit of a struggle, he was able to pin her head down on the bed, raise her ass up and slide in from behind, as he stood at the edge of the bed. Mimi gasped as he rammed her from behind, she could feel the full length of his pintle reaching the depths of her insides, she grabbed the sheets in ecstasy, and she arched her back for more penetration. As Jack continued thrusting, he remembered how Mimi had snitched on him, which resulted in his going to prison, he remembered the horrors of being in prison, and he increased the ferocity with which he pounded her, like he hoped to burst through her.
“Where is my money Mimi?” Jack asked as he pinned her head down and made hard thrusts.
“hmmmm” Mimi responded with a moan. As Jack continued with the thrusts, he looked down and saw a visible part of the gun Mimi had hidden right under the edge of the bed. He slowed the pace of the thrusts and looked at Mimi’s back and wondered why she had a gun. He could as well just pull the gun out and shoot her there and then, but then, the gunshot would attract attention, and the last thing he wanted was falling into the hands of the cops again. He just wanted to get his money, and leave the continent for good, so he kicked the gun farther and looked around for something else he could use to kill her, all the while still hitting Mimi’s wet pleasure tunnel from all angles. He decided he was going to strangle her after he climaxed “what a pleasurable way to die” he thought to himself.
Bolu ran into the hotel and went straight to the counter, flashed his badge and asked for Jack’s room, and without hesitation, the receptionist directed him to Jack’s room. He wasn’t sure what to expect and wondered whether it would be sensible to confront Jack alone, or to just call for backup. He thought to himself that it was the best time to bring Jack down for good, and playing heroics could go wrong, knowing how dangerous Jack was, so he requested for backup, and slowly made his way to Jack’s room.
Jones came round and jumped with a start.
“Ah rude bwoy, wa’ fi gwan, where them man them?” Jones asked as he looked around, and when he saw the familiar faces of members of his CIA team, he was perplexed.
“Well, it looks like you were made” The Captain said
“What do you mean made?” Jones asked as he stood up
“Word has it that Jack knew you were undercover” The Captain replied.
“No, that’s not possible, did the pickup happen?” Jones asked
“Yes” The Captain answered
“And the other guy?” Jones asked
“We just got word that he was also an undercover agent for the FBI” The Captain explained.
“You don’t say! Wow! That’s some crazy stuff. Hold on Captain, where are they?” Jones asked.
“First a DEA lady went after him, then the FBI guy followed. We found some drugs in both your vans, and wonder why they were there though” The Captain added
“Wait! What? The bugger was trying to set us up, not because he knew who we were, he had no idea! Damn! Jack don played all of you, if he knew who we were, I’d be in thug heaven now balling with Pac and Biggie. Give me your gun and your vest Captain” Jones said
“Give you what?” The Captain asked with a raised brow.
“Hey Yo! Can someone give me a gun and a vest, and tell me where the hell Jack is?” Jones called out, not wanting to step on the Captain’s toes.
“What’s your plan?” asked the Captain
“Imma bring down that devil or die trying” Jones answered.
“And that’s your plan?” The Captain asked
“Hey Cap’, with all due respect, I ain’t got time for this right now, now if you don’t mind I have a Jack to catch”
Jones got the info about Jack’s location, got a squad car and sped off to the hotel. As he drove he thought about the two years he had spent as an undercover agent working on Jack’s case, the dirty stuff he had to do to maintain his cover, a tear rolled down his cheek as he thought about it all, he could not allow two years of hard work hiding his identity, getting close to a criminal, and extracting information, just come to nothing, without getting the criminal.
The climax was building, Jack was thrusting away while looking around for the perfect weapon, and for a moment, he wished they had gone to his room instead, he was almost getting to that point where he would explode, and perhaps he would be too tired to do anything, he looked around for a good weapon, and found a bottle and thought to himself how it would make a good weapon if he just broke it and stabbed her multiple times, he smiled at the thought, but the smile was short-lived, as he remembered that he had not gotten the location for the money, and time was going.
Mimi was enjoying every bit of the relations she was having with Jack, the feel of his phallus reaching the very depths of her insides, she was not sure when she was ever going to have it that good from another man, hence, she was all out to receive as much pleasurable thrusting as Jack could give, and then she would finish him off when he was spent. She arched her back some more, and after few more thrusts she moved away. She just lay on her back rubbing her nips, and staring at a bewildered and possibly fatigued Jack.
“Where-where is the money?” Jack asked while trying to catch his breathe
“Eat me out, make me come, and I’ll tell you where it is” Mimi responded with a seductive grin.
“Bitch I don’t have time for this” Jack added.
“Did you just call me a bitch? That’s it I’m done, now get out of my room” Mimi. Jack had never known Mimi to be the bold type that would talk back at him, or even be bold enough to walk him out of her room, she had always been the type to always do as he commanded before, now he was not even sure what or who he was dealing with.
“Mimi? It’s me, Jack” Jack said, trying to reaffirm if by chance Mimi had forgotten who he was, and probably mistaken him for someone else.
“I walk into that bathroom, and step out, I do not want to meet you here” Mimi said as she moved away from the bed and into the bathroom. She knew Jack would stubbornly remain in the room, the time for the checkmate had come. She stared at her naked self in the mirror, as she pulled the Glock 26 Gen5 from the bag she kept in the bathroom. She wanted to be as discreet as possible, so she fixed the suppressor to the gun, and took deep breaths, it had to be done.
In the bedroom, Jack could still not fathom how Mimi had suddenly gotten so bold, he remembered the gun he saw under the bed, and retrieved it. He thought about the possibilities of using the gun, getting back to his room to pick his things, and leaving the hotel without raising suspicions. It was too big of a risk to take, he needed to lure her to a secluded place where he could torture the location of the money out of her, hence, he settled for using the gun to threaten her. He could imagine the look on her face when she realized he had found the gun she hid beneath the bed.
“Hey Mimi, okay I’m sorry, come out and let’s discuss like two civil adults” Jack called out.
Bolu stepped out of the elevator and slowly made his way down the corridor, looking at each hotel room door, his heart thumping, one thing was certain, and that was the fact that this would be the last time he would ever be an undercover agent, he had made that decision, and he intended to stand by it. After checking a few room numbers, he realized he was on the wrong floor, and turned to walk back to the elevator, he had barely taken three steps when he heard two gunshots from a room he just walked past.
Jones got to Jack’s room, and without wasting time, he kicked the door open,  took out his badge and drew his gun, but the room was empty, save the big bag on the bed, he emptied the contents of the bag, and gasped when he found 10 bundles of crisp $100 notes, 4 wraps of drugs, and some travel passports which confirmed they were Jack’s. Jones felt he had done a lot for the country, and wanted a new life someplace else, away from the dangerous life he lived as an undercover agent, so he took all the notes and stuffed them into the pockets of his combat fatigue pants, then arranged the drugs back in the bag. He wondered where Jack was, he looked down the corridor as he stepped out, and walked hurriedly away. The sound of gunshots from the floor above stopped him in his tracks briefly, he drew his gun and used the flight of stairs to the floor.
It all happened like a flash, Mimi had opened the bathroom door and was shocked at what she saw, there was Jack pointing a gun, her gun at her, and by reflex, she let one shot out at his chest, while he shot at her twice as both of them crumpled to the floor. As she lay there, the life ebbing away from her, a tear rolled down her cheek, she had finally gotten him, she had also unknowingly gotten her Bonnie and Clyde wish she had when she first met Jack. Darkness took over, as Mimi breathed her last.
Bolu looked at the door of the room where the sound of the gunshots came from, and was torn between barging in or following protocol. Several thoughts coursed through Bolu’s mind as he stared at the door, he wondered if the gunshot had anything to do with Jack, or the DEA lady, considering the fact that he was on the wrong floor, or had the receptionist given him the wrong room? He wondered. With one kick he burst the door open and aimed his gun, and was shocked at the sight that greeted him, right there beside the bathroom door was the DEA lady sprawled on the floor naked, and in the pool of her blood. Bolu reached for her pulse, to check whether she was alive, but there was no pulse, and then he looked up and saw the bag. He checked the contents, he found his phone, hers, and a strange looking flash drive; he pocketed the items and stepped out into the room to check on the second shooter whom he suspected would be Jack. With caution, he went round to the side of the bed and found Jack, mortally wounded but alive.
“Bi---tch sn—itched, stole –coughs- stole my 1 million dollars, she-she was my bitch” Jack gave a delirious laugh.
“CIA… Freeze! Put your hands above your head and turn around slowly” Jones called out as he stepped into the room
“FBI here, hold your fire!” Bolu said as he raised his hands and slowly turned to look at the CIA agent.
“Oh, it’s you!” Jones said as he recognized Bolu and lowered the weapon
“What the hell?! You Jones? You speak real English? What are you doing with a CIA badge?” Bolu asked, with a look of bewilderment on his face. Jones walked round to where Jack lay gasping for air on the floor, and aimed his gun at him.
“Hey, no man” Bolu said as he lowered Jones’ gun
“Why, let me end this evil” Jones said.
“I thought so too, but let’s allow him see our faces as the last before he goes to hell, he’s almost there” Bolu said.”
“Have you called it in, or do I call it in?” Jones asked
“You’re CIA really?” Bolu asked
“Hell Yeah” Jones answered.
“Damn! You played us with all them rastafaran mumbo jumbo” Bolu said.
“Amb…ambul…help me” Jack muttered. The two men looked at him and continued their conversation.
“I could say the same about you, you had us fooled” Jones replied.
“Down for a drink or two after this?” Bolu asked
“You bet I am” Jones answered
Few minutes later, Jack was dead, and the whole room was teeming with forensics and personnel. Bolu and Jones went to the bar for a drink, they drank in silence for a while. Bolu thought about what Jack had said about the DEA agent and one million dollars, and wondered if that was just a dying man’s delusion or if it was true, he suspected the flash drive and her phone would give him some information.
“So, what’s next?” Bolu asked.
“I’m done, I ain’t doing this undercover shit no more, I’m going on a long vacation to some country far away from here, and you?” Jones asked
“I’m going home” Bolu answered.
When Bolu got into the car, he turned on the laptop and inserted the flash, it had no encryption, and there were only two text files on the flash. He opened the first text file and saw a username and password for an online account, out of curiosity, he logged in and the amount he found in the account made him shut the laptop immediately. He sat back for a while, and smiled.
“I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world that I’m coming home, Naija, here I come” Bolu sang as he drove off.

The End.


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