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The Tale of Jack and Mimi

Crime had increased in the city, corruption was the order of the day, lawlessness was on the high, and no one wanted to be held accountable. It was safe to say humans rather than evolve to higher beings with amazing abilities, were only concerned about creating and implementing things that would lead to the gradual annihilation of the human race, but there was one person who was not bothered; he only lived for the moment, his name: Jack.   “I just cooked this up yo! I call it the strawberry mint express” Jack said as he rolled a joint. “Yo Blaad! That las’ joint ya done did tha’ las time we was up in here was tha’ shiznit man, I don see them po-po onna tha’ highway, and parked behind ‘em, I step out and be like, yo’ gentlemen good jab, good jab, don’t be shooting no niggas like me ‘cause me black” Jones said. “You did what? Damn dude! That was from a movie, you was so high, you slept on that frigging couch for 2 whole long days man. Ode!” Bolu said. “Blad clat! You mean t