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The Best I Never Had

Flickr “Okay guys, let’s take this again from the top, Deji, take the lead this time, John watch the tempo, don’t forget the switch to some TRAP, so Ugo can do his thing with 16 bars, Bayo your bass lines man, I’m not feeling them like the very first rehearsal. Joan you’re doing a good job with the elec piano and strings, I dey feel you die, same as you Ted, in fact I don’t have any problems with the keyboards, the lead guitarist, and the backups” Tega our music director was saying. I just wanted the rehearsals to be over with, so I could get home, and get some sleep. “Are we still maintaining the same key the original song used?” I asked “Yeah, that’s G major, right?” Tega asked “Correct” I affirmed “Alright Deji, ready? Yvonne, remember the harmony at --It’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference—and the other parts. Deji don’t forget that staccatoish stuff at the beginning, you guys know the arrangement already, let’s kill this one more time” “Yes Boss!”

When Love Happens

By: Bold Beauty Before I start this story I should probably warn you, this is not your classic damsel in distress love story so if you’re looking for a ‘Mario saves the princess and they live happily ever after’ story, this isn’t the one for you, please kindly exit this page. Thank you. Ok then! Now that we’re all settled, let us begin. My name is Ojima Dorothy Dariths, most people call me ODD. I want to tell you the story of how love changed my life. I am a model, fashion designer and farmer. I own my own clothing line, a poultry, a piggery and a green house. I am going to be 28 in May and I had never had a boyfriend before my husband whom I dated for 3 months and married a year ago. Funny isn’t it? Trust me my lack of a relationship isn’t for lack of choices because believe me I’ve had plenty, I just turned them all down. I wasn’t gay or anything really, I just haven’t had good examples when it comes to relationships and I was determined not to be a statistic. You probably don’t

Chronicles of Papi - Papi in the Village

I got to the village feeling like I just got back from “the abroad”, I mean I even called my Dad to ask if he could send someone to come pick me up from the airport (so he’ll know I came by flight, if you dare laugh, I’ll deal with you), he said there was no one, I could have come out of the airport and used public transport, but no, I wanted them to know I had arrived, so I used the airport’s car hire service, and the cost was enough to take me back to Lagos by bus, but I was not bothered, I had to hit our house in grand style (una know as e dey go when onwa December don reach na). The moment we left the airport, I had to ask to be certain I was in the right place, ‘cause everything had changed, the roads tarred, beautiful cars and buildings everywhere, it was a sharp contrast with what I left, then the road was red earth, there were no beautiful buildings, just trees, we had electric poles without wires, now there was power- real development. We got to my Father’s house a

A Night in Helltown

I was a freelance photographer, freelance portrait artist, freelance writer, and a professional gamer. Well, I was actually rolling in money, but still lived a private and secluded life, loved by many, friend to none, and it just had to be that way if I still wanted to cohabit peacefully with others. I was born with a curse, one that some call a ‘unique gift’, where the normal human sense would pick up the strange smell of burning rubber and sulphur in unusual places, I could see the demon itself, yeah! I could see and hear angels, demons, and ghosts, the good thing about it all, was that for some unknown reason, I was untouchable by these things, and I had grown so used to seeing them every second, that it no longer bothered me. If people knew just what was happening in the spiritual realm, and the demons some people walked with, they would be more conscious and deliberate with their actions. As a child, I thought seeing things was a natural thing for everybody, but I grew up