True Confessions of a Humper and Humpee II (Mrs. Brown Returns)


My encounter with the Browns gave me insight about some things, and I was making amends in my home, as best as I could. I couldn’t stand the thought of my Wife getting sex-starved, getting pressured by her friends into getting a boy toy. It was my duty as a husband to perform my bed duties to my wife, and do an excellent job of it. It would sound absurd that a successful doctor and sex therapist could not perform his manly duties. Furthermore, I and my Wife had come a long way together to mess things up over cases of infidelity, infidelity caused by nothing but starvation- coital starvation. The truth is, on no account should you get so busy that you forget your partner is sexually active and has bodily needs that crave your attention, and for men, it does not mean you just pop in and pop out like you’re swiping your credit card, no man! You should do some explorer stuff on your woman, and women should be creative and not just lay in bed like some piece of wood. Okay! I’m digressing, where were we? Aha! So the Browns’, yeah the case with the Browns was an eye opener for me, as it made me reevaluate the sex life of my Wife and I, and I did not need special training to understand that our sex life was barely alive, and it was all my fault. However, we revived the fire, and every day we just got better at it.
I got to the office, and as usual I was sipping on some freshly brewed coffee, as I went through my program for the day, and the first name I saw was “Mrs Brown”, I was not sure whether to be bothered or not, why would she be needing my services again? I picked the intercom-
“Doc” the receptionist answered
“I see a Mrs Brown here”
“Yes, she has two back-to-back sessions” She replied
“Wait! What? Are we talking about the same Mrs. Brown here?” I asked with so much surprise.
“Yes Doc, the same Mrs Brown. oh! she’s here already, I’m sending her right in” The receptionist said, and hung up without waiting for a reply, and then Mrs. Brown stepped in, and truth be told she looked more beautiful and radiant than ever.
“Hey yo Doc” She greeted
“Hello Mrs. Brown” I replied
“What kinda Doc are you though, y’all just here chilling in some fancy office, and y’all ain’t think to check on yo clients, to know if their romp lives be popping as expected, damn! mehn that ain't cool” She ranted
“Mrs. Brown, it is not our duty to pry into the lives of our clients, away from here” I answered as calmly as possible
"Doc, I don missed your cute face, ya remember we ain't finished our business, we need to balance and close that ledger baby" She said. Not again today, I thought to myself, I thought about various tactical evasive maneuvers
"Where is your husband, Mrs Brown? I asked, trying to switch the topic, and thus avoid an awkward situation.
"He good, he really really good, Mr. Brown's got game down there, he be all up in my mouth and coochie and titties and booty till I be tapping out. He got skills Doc, some raw ass Kunta Kinte shi Doc" She replied
"Okay, it's good to know you both have enjoyed major improvement, I guess you came to tell me just that?" I asked
"Hell no Doc, i don't know if its you or my fine ass young Denzel or Mr. Brown, one of y'all don awaken the dragon in me, Doc, you gotta treat me mehn" She said, and I was every shade of confused.
"Treat you?" I asked, for clarity
"Doc, I aint stutter"
"Okay, why are you here? Are you having sexual problems with your husband?" I asked
"Hell no! Mr. Brown don fix up, he be banging the hell outta my honey laced cunt, he be sucking on ma big boobies like his Mama aint give him some titty love when he little. Doc. I think I'm a full blown nymph now"
"Sorry, what?" I asked
"Mr. Brown's doing his best, but damn! Doc, my coochie be feeling like a hungry vampire wanting more blood, I can't control it, it controls me, and I didn't want to cheat on my dear Husband, cheating is bad, but damn! some hungry ass pussy is badder, Doc you know? Your Wife ain't tell you that?" Mrs Brown. At this point, I knew it was going to be a pretty long day, and as usual, time seemed to be taking one second forward, and several minutes backwards.
"Okay Mrs. Brown, where do I come in?" I asked
"Do the Maths Doc, how ya become a Doctor again and can't put a simple two'n'two together? Since you wanna get all childish, in my creamy ass coochie is where you come in Doc. Imma love to sit on ya cute face and pump some juice all over you. Damn! Doc I need help, I went to my friend who introduced me to young Denzel, and got something unexpected and pleasurable Doc. you wanna hear it?" She asked. I didn't want to hear it, but then again I thought I could learn a thing or two again from the Browns.
"Okay, go ahead, I hope it's worth it" I added
"If it aint worth it, ain't gonn' be here Doc, where're you from again?" She asked
"Nigeria, why?"
"Damn! I don hear y'all niggurs is some King Kong in bed, hey Doc, you've got a nice couch and a nice table, ya know we could get down here comfortably, I want me some Nigerian monstrous meat..."
"Okay Mrs Brown, that's enough" I interrupted
"What? Yo Doc, why ya keep acting so up tight, your Wife aint giving you some sugar?, Doc baby, I could give you some lifetime sugar right here, right now, and there aint nobody need to know shit"
"Mrs Brown.."
"Okay..Okay I get it, Doc, I don lived a life of sin, and I keep going to the Padre for forgiveness, you know that feeling?, Doc do you sin at all?" She asked. I was tired already, very tired.
"You need a solution, and I do not even understand the problem" I answered, beginning to feel irritated.
"Hey Doc, chill with the tone, I ain't your child. I just need some advice, that's all, oh well, I also want you to taste these" She said as she squeezed her boobs provocatively and rubbed her thighs. I wasn't moved. I stood up and made for the door to get out of the office, perhaps, that was one poorly thought out move. She got to the door before me, and locked it, and this time, she locked it for real. trouble!
"What are you doing Mrs. brown?" I asked
"It's insurance Doc, now sit your ass down and hear my confession" She said
"Okay, go ahead" A somewhat disgruntled me said.
"Amen Doc!, Amen! So I went to visit my friend who stays few blocks away, I needed her advise for  my constant crave and appetite for sex, I always love to sneak in on her, I got into her apartment unnoticed, and there was no one in the living room and kitchen, but I could hear sounds from the bedroom upstairs, so I went up to check, I opened the bedroom door quietly and saw my friend dressed in leather with a whip, riding the hell out of my young Denzel who was handcuffed to the bedpost. Damn! Doc, I turned to step out because I felt bad, but Doc, why feel bad when you can join in the fun and feel good? So I went back in, and I wasn't sure if it was just the sight of young Denzel's body or the whole scene before me that was trning me on, but damn Doc, i was freaking wet, I was tempted Doc, and I didn't flee the temptation, I got in the groove, they were startled when they saw a naked voluptuous me join them in bed. Doc, remember when I said women were the only ones that knew how to touch women in the right spots? Yeah, my friend ate my coochie out like I had never been eaten before, damn! mehn she gave me the best head ever, young Denzel was still cuffed to the bed, but his dick was right beside my mouth, well, you can guess what I did next Doc. That young Denzel, Doc, he a monster! as he gave my friend from behind, she was eating my cunt and using a bullet, oh Doc! I let that juice out, I let it rain!, and when young Denzel humped the shit out of me, I coulda sworn he on drugs. That's the summary" She said.
"Okay, so you cheated on your husband with your friend and young Denzel, and now your sexual appetite is insatiable? Right?" I asked
"It took you a full ass story to realize that"
"So here's what we'll do-" I didn't have a solution at the moment, but the alarm went off, and that saved me from a lot of headache
"My time's up?" She asked
"Oh Yes" A happy me answered
"Damn!, but I just got here" She said
"Well, you just got here two hours ago"
"I'll be back" She said as she stood to leave. Man was I glad!
"Oh you're always welcome" I said with smiles
"Now ya acting so sweet, a little help with this door please?" She said, and I hurriedly went to help her. What happened next was something I never bargained for. She pinned me to the wall with such strength that I never imagined she had, then kissed me, I was in a fix!

Stay Tuned!


  1. I followed you from twitter and i am not disappointed. I am finally caught up with your write ups, they are very good, more power.


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