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Special Ops: Femme Fatale

I adjusted my sniperscope as I scanned the perimeter, I had a watcher beside me who was trying so hard to impress the captain, and damn! the watcher was such a questionnaire. I mean his job as a watcher is calculate wind velocity and direction with respect to distance of a target, But he kept asking questions like "Boss did you serve in Iraq, or in Afghanistan? What's your body count? Do you count the people you bring down? Have you been shot? Have you.... Do you have a Wife, or a girl...?" He went on. "Hey fella you talk faster than a bullet, and one's gonna get through that mouth of yours and out the back of your throat if you do not do your job of watching with your mouth shut" I spoke to him as calmly as possible. "Sorry Boss" "Now get me a target" "Hey TJ, easy with the lad" The captain said over the comm "Hehehe, TJ don got himself a talker, he a undercover talker in the guise of a watcher" Trev

The Order of Light

I just got into town and needed a place to stay, but for some unknown reason, everywhere seemed occupied, after checking the last motel available, I was left with no choice, but look for a secluded spot to just pass the night. It was dark, the moon had a faint glow about it, and with all the occupied houses, one would have expected some domestic noises, but everywhere was quiet, it didn’t bother me anyway. As I walked with my backpack, I saw a house down the street that looked abandoned and overgrown with weed, “perfect spot” I thought to myself, it was just for the night, by morning, I would be out and on my way. I looked around before stepping on the property, to be sure I wasn’t been watched, the last thing I wanted was be charged for trespassing. To be sure I was not trespassing, I knocked on the door a couple of times, and as was expected, got no response. I looked out into the yard, and suddenly, the house I thought was overgrown with weed, was not, in fact the lawn looked

Village Vacation (Papi's First Flight)

Everyone is so eager to know how my first flight went, seeing as I goofed to a girl I was toasting that I needed a visa to go to owerri (see ehnnnn, if you just do pimmm, I'll appear there and give you a knock), you need to see how I was counting down to the date I was supposed to leave, to others i was just flying within Nigeria, but to me, man I was flying round the world, in short the feeling was just inexplicable. The night before the day I was to leave was a memorable one, Ekaette invited me to her room to see a movie, one hell of a horror movie? i don't know, all I remember was that barely two minutes into the movie, we got distracted & concentrated on each other instead (please don't ask what we did) It was one sweet marathon- okay that's already too much information. I was up before everyone and prepared to embark on my journey, you need to see how I dressed up, honestly you would think I was headed for the moon.       "Papi, are you okay?"

True Confessions of a Humper and Humpee II (Mrs. Brown Returns)

Flickr My encounter with the Browns gave me insight about some things, and I was making amends in my home, as best as I could. I couldn’t stand the thought of my Wife getting sex-starved, getting pressured by her friends into getting a boy toy. It was my duty as a husband to perform my bed duties to my wife, and do an excellent job of it. It would sound absurd that a successful doctor and sex therapist could not perform his manly duties. Furthermore, I and my Wife had come a long way together to mess things up over cases of infidelity, infidelity caused by nothing but starvation- coital starvation. The truth is, on no account should you get so busy that you forget your partner is sexually active and has bodily needs that crave your attention, and for men, it does not mean you just pop in and pop out like you’re swiping your credit card, no man! You should do some explorer stuff on your woman, and women should be creative and not just lay in bed like some piece of wood. Okay! I’m