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About Asoebi Wahala By @Peero007

This is beginning to look like a wedding series first it was the “Owambe Souvenirs” post, then “Marriage Proposals” from there we talked “About pre-wed photo-madness” and also “About Naija Wedding Ceremonies”, we can’t rant about all these and leave out “Asoebi Wahala”. You know in Nigeria, we are very “industrious”, so “industrious” that we see business in everything, I mean every/any venture can be an avenue to make money even if it entails extortion.
There I was in the comfort and privacy of my bedroom, earpiece in ear enjoying music while working on my mobile device, a call came in. Below is the transcript of the conversation.
Me: Hello
Caller: Hey ‘Dewale, how far na?
Me: Bro I dey o, how your side?
Caller: my side bam.
Me: toh, e kupalemo oo

About Naija Wedding Ceremonies By @Peero007

I’m back again, first I started with the funny wedding souvenirs one gets at Naija weddings, then the new trend in marriage proposals, you know, about gathering the whole world to witness you proposing and all, then I ranted about pre-wedding photo-madness (sorry, I meant photo-shoot) today I’ll rant briefly about Naija wedding ceremonies. If you ask me, I’ll say Naija wedding ceremonies are overrated, I mean overrated to the extreme, way too extreme.  I always wonder why wedding ceremonies have to be the way they are, the first part of the wedding ceremony that irks me is the “aso ebi”, why don’t they just pick a color and tell the guests to come dressed in that color? Why do we have to have a uniform? Why do I get treated differently if I don’t wear the aso ebi? Is it really about uniformity or just an avenue to extort guests, perhaps “extort” is a strong word, maybe I should say “is it about uniformity, or it’s a means to get financial support for the wedding?”  I learned this aso…

About Pre-Wedding Photoshoots by @Peero007

Some years back, a lady asked me what my pre-wedding photo-shoot would be like, I looked at her with a raised eyebrow and had this “what the hell are you talking about” look, she goes on like “yes, you know those lovely pictures a professional photographer takes before the wedding, you know, you and your fiancee all dressed up in matching outfits…blab la bla” then I asked if the photo-shoot was for a competition or a documentary or a magazine, she wasn’t able to give a cogent reason why it was necessary, she shut me up with “well I don’t really know the significance, haven’t given it a thought anyway, but what I do know is that its very important. Pronto!!!” I didn't pry further to avoid bone marrow touching stories.
I have seen all manner of pre-wed photos, some are really lovely, some are just there, while others are just "SMH", in fact the SMH pre-wed photos inspired this rant. You know those pre-wed photos you see and immediately agree that madness is relative, beca…

Evolution Of Marriage Proposals By @Peero007

Each time I see the word “Evolution”, Darwin’s theory of evolution comes to mind, for those of you non-science people who do not think it necessary to know a thing or two about some basic geeky science stuff, I’ll give a very brief layman’s explanation of the theory. It's a process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable physical or behaviorial traits e.g notice how rats dodge poisoned food traps??? (Errmm this example hasnt been scientifically proven though).
Now that I’ve explained, let’s proceed. I have been observing marriage proposals for a while and have noticed there is a trend, hence this brief write-up. On different occasions I asked some ladies how they would want to be proposed to and I was surprised when about 90% of them said they hadn’t really given it a thought, I was taken aback, why or were they lying? Because a lot of ladies fantasize about what their weddings should look like, is it an oversight that they do not fantasize about p…

Owambe & Owambe Souvenirs.

Owambe (party) and owambeing (lol) is a Nigerian thing.... I'm not being tribalistic, but the average Yoruba man attends at least two owambes in a month, perhaps that's why they rarely have BP, cause they always want to be in a joyous mood no matter how bad the economy is.
A lot of stuff happens at these owambes, you get to see the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the light makeups, the heavy makeups---- makeovers, the nice attires, the overdressed guests that leave you wondering whether they are the celebrants, you'll see old women competing with younger ladies (I don't know what they are looking for ooo). In all Nigerian parties are usually colorful.
The food is one Wahala, it could be a good Wahala or a bad one depending on if you get something to eat or not, it's painful though when you pay a huge sum for the "Aso ebi" and don't get the party jollof *drools* to eat- it can pepper the marrow mehnnnnn!!! The one part that bothers me most is …