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Christmas Skit.

Daily Conversions Christmas day celebration is a very big thing in my family, so big that my siblings anywhere in the world will never miss it, they always fly back home, it’s something I always look forward to ‘cause it’s all shades of mad fun with plenty of good food. On the morning of Christmas eve, one lady I had been tracking for five years (Do you want to laugh? Do you know how many years it took Jacob before he got his heartthrob?) just called me.      “Hi Papi”      “Hello Dear, this one that you called me after all these years, am I safe?” I asked      “Boo, I want to make it up to you” She replied. Did she say that or was my mind playing tricks on my ears.      “Network issues, sorry I didn’t get you, what did you say?” I just needed to be sure I heard correctly the first time.      “I said I called because I want to make it up to you dear” She answered. Wow, she called me “boo” & “dear” within twenty seconds, this Christmas was making sense.      “hmmm… so

The Watchers. (Episode 2.)

I was curious to know what the mail contained because Specimen X sure knew how to put you on the edge, I went through the usual procedures to decrypt the message and all I saw was       “Standby. Next mail at 2300hours” That left me somewhat disappointed and even more curious, they never told you to standby unless it was a very big operation and a big operation meant more agents on ground. The question was who was the target? I had this gut feeling it was Dr. Benny, I just couldn’t wait to see him go down. I shut my eyes to block out memories of the night my fate changed. I had gotten incriminating evidence against Dr. Benny, all I needed to close the case was to bring him in alive, Eva took me off the case and made me take a compulsory week off, because according to her she felt I needed to relax because I was stressed and allowing my emotions cloud my sense of reasoning, she warned me but I didn’t listen, perhaps if I had listened I would still be at the Bureau. On that fateful n