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The Watchers (Episode 1.)

LAG_NIG_06 27’52”N_0003 32’34”E 14|02|2080 05:00:42AM       “What did I do?....Why did you kill me?.... I’m dead, are you happy now? hahaha...” I jumped with a start and reached for my Glock, looked around but saw no one, yet another nightmare. The nightmares were becoming frequent, voices and faces of people I had killed kept haunting me in my dreams. I sat at the edge of the bed and held my head in my hands, ever since I returned to Nigeria, the nightmares had increased and there was no one I could talk to about it, I mean how would I tell someone “I have nightmares of the people I’ve killed”. I had to clear my head, perhaps my routine early morning walk plus some Kenny G music would work the magic. I stepped out into the cool morning breeze, everywhere was calm and quiet but then again everywhere was always calm and quiet with everyone minding their business and no nosy neighbors poking their nose into one’s affairs, the perks of living in Victoria Garden City. I picked a directio

The Watchers!!!

Watch Out For "The Watchers" Series..... Coming Soon!!!