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Ladies Of Lagos pt1.

Picture Courtesy:  Freepik A quick recap of what happened yesterday night, Tolu and Ada dragged me to a club party, it was actually a birthday party of their friend, those parties where you buy your own drinks and end up spending much more than the celebrant. One thing about this party was there were more ladies than guys, that was the only side attraction I enjoyed, I also noticed how the "big boys" were oppressing each other with expensive drinks, caskets of drinks kept moving, champagne with pyrotechnics were on almost every table including ours, I wasn't bothered about how we got drinks, I was more concerned about my toothache and it felt like every nerve was connected to the tooth, touch my back and I would feel the pain in my tooth.       "Papi, Oya take and drink, it'll ease the pain" Tolu said, as she mixed Jack Daniel's with Coke, I took a sip, it tasted so good. That was how I forgot about the toothache and took a swig, my-oh-my!!! The wa