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Petrol Wahala (Relativity Of Madness Pt. 2)

Fellow Nigerians, it is with a heavy heart and a mind conscious of the fact that my battery is at 20% that I write this, a sequel to the post tagged "Relativity Of Madness", in that post, I cited various instances to make it empirically evident that madness is relative, in this sequel, we'll look at the relationship between petrol, scarcity, government, humans & madness. We live in a country where no one wants to be faulted or blamed for any shortcomings, take for instance, you get to the fuelling/filling/petrol/gas station then ask the attendant why petrol has to be sold for the exorbitant amount it is being sold, he/she just says "na manager go fit answer you",  you ask the manager, that one will tell you it's the oil marketers, those ones will blame it on the supposed "stringent" policies of the petroleum & finance ministers "MAD ION" (Decipher what "MAD ION" is and get a gift), at the end of the day, the whole b