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Papi - Owambe

Change is dynamic, one minute you're addressed as "President", the next minute, change adds a prefix to your status, then you become "Ex-President", one minute you're in the "Presidential Villa", the next minute, change adds a prefix & suffix and sends you on your way to "Ex-President's Villa-ge", from "Ah Sow Rock" to "Oh 2 Okay", safe to say life is full of transitions. -sigh- "There is God ooo." Now imagine the type of "owambe"(party) Lady Faka Macbeth would have thrown if things had worked out as they had planned, it would have been epic. Talking about "owambes", I just remembered the first owambe I ever attended, thanks to Tolu & Adaeze that dragged me along. It was a cool saturday morning, I was dreaming, and in that dream, I was alone but could hear the chatter of Tolu, Adaeze & Ekaette, I looked around but saw no one, but I could distinctly hear them like they wer