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Papi In Computer Village

My crush, Adaeze had to travel, the moment she mentioned she was leaving, I felt really terrible, I had gotten used to having & seeing her around.       "Awww, Papi my baeboo, I'll be back soon" Adaeze said.       "Abi you'll go with her?" Tolu       "Papi my man, hug me before I go" In all my life, I had never received a hug that tight & warm (well, except Ekaette's) , it felt so good, I could hug her forever, her body felt so soft and ... okay that's enough, I don't want you getting the wrong ideas & painting the wrong pictures in your minds. With Adaeze gone, I became Tolu's official handbag & bodyguard. Every outing with Tolu was always an avenue to learn something new, eat something new, visit places, meet people. My blackberry had refused to come on and needed to be fixed, computer village was the right place to go, since I had gone with Tolu before, I decided to go on my own, but before I left, Tolu, Eka

Relativity Of Madness

Picture Courtesy:  Neil Rosenthal Some of you know pain is relative, and if you didn't know, well, now you know. Asides pain, some other things are relative like joy, hunger, madness e.t.c. Yes I said "MADNESS", and today I'll tell you about the "Relativity Of/In Madness. Case study: Lagosians". First off, let's define the terms "Relativity" & "Madness", be calm, I'm not about to go Einstein on you. According to an online dictionary, Relativity can be defined as "dependence of a mental state upon the nature of the human mind." While Madness from the same dictionary is "1. insanity; lunacy, 2. extreme anger, excitement, or foolishness". After careful observations and thorough experiments (thanks to the availability of Lag rats everywhere, sorry! I meant "LAB RATS), I have arrived at the conclusion that madness is relative, you don't believe my theory? be calm still, whilst I elucidate (only mad

Papi At The Swimming Pool.

The epistle according to Papi. I was going about my duties quietly when Lady Faka Macbeth (a.k.a. Mama Peace, a.k.a. Dame Patience Jonathan. See, if you go outside & call her names, I no dey ooo) called me 'cause she was so eager to know what went down at the pool. I wish I had recorded the phonecall though, it was hiliarous. Anyway, that isn't the issue now, the gist is more important. Sunday afternoon, Tolu & Adaeze got bored, I was preparing to go commune with sleep when both of them came up with that "sweet" idea of going to swim, and like a bodygaurd I was dragged along. I had never been to a swimming pool, only saw it on TV. We got to the pool & Oh My God! The things I was seeing were pleasant to my eyes, mind, in fact every part of my body (well, the pancake-like upper chest regions of some ladies were an exception though), while Tolu & Adaeze went to change I just sat by the pool & fed my eyes, there were quite a lot of pretty ladies there