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Papi - Ekaette

I stayed at Madam's for a long while (Don't ask me her name, 'cause even till tomorrow, I do not know), she had a supermarket and put me in charge, well she recorded losses all the while I was there so while she was counting her losses, I was gaining weight tremendously- What? Why are your eyebrows raised like I stole stuff? Calm down, let me tell you how it happened, before you judge me. What better way to explain to a customer how good an edible product is than to have a taste as the marketer? Catch my drift? If you like don't understand, darris ya business , I was only fulfilling my obligatory rights as the Manager of the supermarket, if I hear you refer to my my managerial post as "sales boy" I'll go spiritual on you. I was suspended and asked to remain at home, all the better for me, I grew taller & bigger, many thanks to Ekaette, she sure knew how to spoil me silly with food, staying at home was fun for me 'cause all I did was eat well, rea


Happy Christmas in advance and Merry New Year, even if it's the 31st day in December 2015 and I haven't seen/met you or spoken to you, I'll still wish you a merry new year. Anyway, that's that about that. How many of you have ever been apprentices? like you're taken somewhere to learn a trade or skill, that thing is not easy ooo. After JAMB, rather than constitute a nuisance at home, my Uncle thought it proper that I learn a skill, first he tried to introduce me to the "okada" business, after a couple of fails as a result of too many falls, I gave up. He then took me to a mechanic to learn, I was there for three days, on the fourth day my oga and his friend were chatting, then he called me to go buy food for him- only him ooo, now the distance between the mechanic's workshop and the food seller's was like from one end of the red sea to the other end, don't ask me how I know the red sea, na so i waka go buy the food inside hot sun, I bought

New Year Skit.

12:00am 1/1/2015 It was going well, I was at the crossover watch night service (if you dare correct me, it's a new year, so I'll just smile and bless you), after the normal shouts of "happy new year" coupled with the hugs, handshakes & back pats, I believed the next thing should have been thanksgiving, the grace, then home-bound, I had plans, plans to give my church crush a very warm after-service heartfelt message of love & even offer to take her out and spoil her silly, but the Pastor said he wanted us to pray just two prayer points- only two, that was good enough or it was good enough till two prayer points became ten prayer points, okay, we finished praying, then another Pastor came up to collect the offering, "yes, at least after this, we'll say the grace and proceed with my plan" I thought to myself. After the offering was done, the previous Pastor came back to the pulpit, perhaps to lead "the grace", alas! he started his speech,