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Emily 3

I’m one of those people that wake up and just stay in bed for about an hour drawing up the day’s plans in my cute little head, or just having random thoughts about sweet nonsense perhaps, yeah sweet nonsense, like imagining Blaze do a full split and his pants getting torn, or cuddling with Ron, that won’t be bad though, we could just make music together, pillow fight, cuddle then..       “Ding-Dong” Now who’s that trying to interrupt my sweet nonsense thinking moment, okay thoughts I’ll be right back, but I can just ignore the door and pretend I had headphones on.      “Ding-Dong, ding-dong ding ding ding-dong” okay this person isn’t about to leave that doorbell, but I’m not expecting anyone, well except Ron, but that’s later at noon, I opened the door and was all manner of confused, not confused at knowing what to do, but rather confused at the way I should react. Right there at the door was the last person I wanted to see- “Blaze”      “Hi Emily… Morning” He greeted, but this was

Emily 2

How do I face the crew today, what do I tell them? Won’t I appear weak to them if they find out I do not have a song ready for them. I am so famished; I should get something to eat first before going to face them. Nothing is more disheartening than queuing to get something to eat, why do all these people have to decide to come and get something to eat at the same time, and who could be calling me now? Blaze!       “Hello Emily”       “Yeah, Blaze”       “How are you dear?”       “I am fine”       “Where are you?”       “I don’t see how that’s any of your business”       “Oh come on Emily, how long do you have to keep putting up this offensive attitude”       “Are you done?” I was too hungry and impatient to wait for his reply, so I did what was best at the time, and that was hanging up. One more person before I get attended to, now who’s calling again?       “Hello Em”      “Josh, how are ya?”      “I’m good, we’re just here chilling, when will you be here?”      “Just ca

Emily 1

Every time, I sit on the beach at night, enjoying the cool breeze, the sound of the waves and the beautiful sight of twinkling stars in the sky, hoping for inspiration, yes, the music competition is around the corner, and number one rule is originality which invariably means any attempt at plagiarism would disqualify the band involved plus a 2 year ban from the competition. This was going to be my fourth time in the competition, but my first time as leader of the band, I’d be lying to myself and the rest of the world if I said it was easy, I think it made me understand the saying “With great power comes great responsibilities” better, I had to work as a teacher at an elementary school, take care of two siblings, lead my musical band and deal with Blaze the stubborn ex whom even if we were not together again, he kept keeping tabs on me and trying to be a control freak, for real, a nag was the last thing I needed in my life. I was a member of Blaze’s band before, and long before I joine

Mide 8 - It's Showtime!!!

I had to come up with a plan, didn't know how to go about it, Taiwo is the devil and we are going to dine with her, from Biola's story, I have every reason to believe Taiwo needs Biola alive because she has the documents for her late Dad's empire, worst case scenario Biola gets abducted, then tortured till she breaks and says where the documents, okay I don't like that, can't bear the thought of my Biola being tortured.... Superman what are your plans? Why did you even get involved, the said Biola wanted to run and you stopped her, it's not too late to call her and tell her to proceed with her escape plan, No I can't do that, for some reason Biola believes in me and I shouldn't mess that up, if this had happened in the States, I had guys and equipments for a special ops, but right here in Nigeria, that type of operation would require a lot more and who can I even tell?, wait a minute I have three well trained guys in the SSS, they served with the US Mari

Mide 7 ( Biola's Story )

      "Mide, my late parents owned an empire, we were really affluent, my twin and I were the only children, any problem money could solve was no problem at all, but my twin sister hated me, why? simply because I couldn't be like her and she couldn't be like me, yes we were twins, yes we were physically alike but I was the the dogged and hardworking one, while she liked to be waited on. Then it didn't mean anything to me, I loved her dearly, sacrificed a lot for her, got punished on her behalf a thousand and one times, but I felt I was having my dear Sister's back. I became my Dad's favorite, my Mom never saw anything wrong with anything Taiwo did, but she loved both of us equally, as we grew older, Taiwo became an epitome of evil, she hated me because Dad and I had this perfect father-daughter relationship that she couldn't enjoy with him. She loved power and could do anything to get power. She got arrested abroad a couple of times for various crimes, sh

Mide 6

      "Errrrm, pleased to meet you Taiwo" Biola said, did that sound a little off? Or has my mind started again?       "The feeling's mutual Kenny" Taiwo replied       "Kenny?"       "Kenny?" Biola and I asked in unison, where did that come from?       "Yeah, Kenny as in Kehinde, I mean if I'm Taiwo, it's not out of place if I call my look alike Kenny"       "Oh, right" I said       "Pardon my poor attempt at making a joke" Taiwo added I looked at Biola, her face was blank, really expressionless, what could be going on in her mind? Taiwo broke the awkward silence       "So Kenn- Biola, sorry, what state are you from? Let me know if I have to call my parents up to tell me the truth about whether I'm a twin or not, you never know" she smiled       "Oh I'm from Oyo state, you?" Biola replied       "Oyo, really! Wow"       "Ladies, I'll be right back,

Mide 5

Taiwo called to thank me, she also asked if we could hang out sometime- It would be a crime against humanity if I turned down the "hang out sometime" offer, Mide don't tell me you like her already- no I don't, it's just a fascination or a curiosity or an excitement or something or everything, but most definitely not "like". Anyway, Taiwo said she didn't really like the idea of meeting in public places, I didn't ask why, we were left with two options, my place or hers, she suggested my place- fine, suits me. We fixed the coming Saturday to meet. The rest of the week was without activity other than going to work and oh taking Biola to lunch, she still has not told me what went down that night, and she has been eating my lunch. Friday 1:32pm       "Mide boo, it's time for lunch, don't keep a lady waiting"       "Just a minute"       "What are you even doing? you wanna apply make up?... but you know you'll be

Mide 4

4:25am... Awake, checked my bedside clock, yes! I beat the alarm, I said my prayers and did my routine workout, that's right- this dude here has to be fit and lately I think I've been seeing signs of a pack or two- oh Mide! Mide!! Mide!!! you flatter yourself too much, just make do with your amusement pack and quit expecting six packs. Monday morning rush is always epic, if you're leaving in Lagos, on the mainland, work on the island and want to get work before 7am, then you cannot afford to sleep beyond 4am and this is for car owners, If you're going with public transportation, 3:30am is your wake time- yeah, that's living in Lagos. As I drove to work, I thought about today's management meeting, Damn!!! another boring session, God knows all I'll do is tweet, another annoying fact is the meeting isn't holding in our conference room, it's some place else, not even sure- Mide did you just say "annoying fact"? If the meeting doesn't take